March 3, 2011


See that "t" shape in this picture? It's NOT a "t". It's a cactus. In no way can it be mistaken for the Twitter "t". Got that?
Okie dokie let's get this contest started. I'm celebrating coming up to 5000 followers on Twitter. Woohoo. So here's another caption contest like the 3000 FOLLOWERS one. That was great for building community and stuff....

I won't fall to my knees begging you to "follow" this blog, to "like" my Facebook page, repost it on your own Facebook page, retweet the bugger using the button at the bottom of this post, or urge everyone in this universe and all parallel universes to follow me on, I won't beg, because that would be slutty. and even though I've been known to make out with the whole band, I'm no slut. But I will get you drunk* if you share this link right now. Yeehaw! 

* If we ever meet in real life, and while quantities last.

There's three t-shirts up for grabs:
One t-shirt goes to the 5000th real Twitter follower. Bots can get stuffed.
TO WIN one of the other two t-shirts simply comment on this post as follows:
  1. Fill in the speech bubble. Try to keep it clean and just make sure all the words will fit.
  2. Leave me your Twitter @ or blog or email so I know who you are.
  3. Give someone you love a hug. Just thought I'd throw that in there.
The winners will be the two funniest ones, and I get to decide that, cuz it's my contest.
Oh yeah, if you win, you can post the pic to your blog or Facebook page (if you have one) and link back to here. That would be cool. Last time we did this, the winners also posted pics of themselves wearing their tees, which was awesome.

Contest ends Monday, March 7th, midnight. I'll announce the winner on Wednesday evening. Open to anybody anywhere, though I can't guarantee shipping to some remote places.

PS. Thanks to the amazing Mom-O-Matic for the gunslinger suggestion!

Oh lookie, here's that tweet button I was just talkin' about....(hint - klunk). And don't forget the hug.

Find out who won.