March 17, 2011


Last week everything was good. It was March Break and the kids were home from school. I was hanging out with the 11 year old boy and one day I said, "C'mon Boy! Let's wrap up all the loose change in the house!"

At first he complained, but he couldn't resist my enthusiasm.

We collected all the dimes, nickles and pennies, and wrapped them up in rolls.

Then came the fun part: counting the money. It came out to a whopping $45!! Enough for a pizza party.

But we decided instead, to donate the change to "A Dog For Deeds", to help him get his autism service dog.

Three year old Deeds needs that dog more than we need another pizza party.

I felt happy. Everything was good.

And then this happened.


I tried to grasp it. And I became afraid...

Then I wept.

But most of all, I felt ...powerless.

And then I remembered that I was not alone.

There are, in fact, quite a number of us. And in our own small ways we are all hoping, praying, giving and working to make things better.

Wrapping up loose change is a really, really great activity to do with your kids on March Break.