March 7, 2011

A Boy, a Blog and a DOG. - #forDeeds

Sometimes life hands you an opportunity to help someone. When that happens, you should just do it. When Living with Logan blogger Caryn @ihave7monsters asked me to draw something for her friends Bobbie and Jeremy @Dog4Deeds, I said YES!!

This is their son, 3 year old Deeds. He has autism, and is on a quest to get an Autism Service Dog. Deeds is still healing from a serious burn by the way, that's why his little face is all pink.

Bobbie and Jeremy have set up These dogs are mind-blowingly amazing. They're specially trained to stay close to the child, nuzzle during repetitive behaviours, interrupt and calm meltdowns, and locate missing children with their incredible noses in the case that they should wander off. These are just a few of the realities of raising a child with autism. Little Deeds needs this dog.
I donated this drawing of Deeds and his Sock Monkey bonding with their dog. Picture drinking your coffee from a mug with this on it. Or on a cute toddler  t-shirt. Deed's parents set up a Zazzle shop just so you can!

The family is just under halfway to meeting their funding goal. The good news is that we can help! Go visit Caryn's Very Special Post For Deeds and check out the artwork and the PRIZES. There's a custom t-shirt, and I've donated a few of Little Animation's DVD's for kids. Don't miss this opportunity to help one little boy live a better, safer life.

"JC! What can I do to help out?"

Caryn's got badges and a Linky up so everyone can stay connected. You can blog a version of this post for Deeds, Tweet #forDeeds, Facebook and share this widely!!



  1. What a lovely drawing - and thanks for posting all the links!

  2. thank you for reaching out and helping this child - so very sweet of you.

  3. Awesome! Will do what I can to spread the word! Love the drawings!

  4. I LOVE THIS!!! Go, Deeds, go!!!!!!!!

  5. What you did to that photo is AWESOME! Thanks for everything JC!!

  6. You're an amazing person. I'm proud to wear the tick.

  7. Love Deeds, his sock monkey and his dog!! Great work!


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