March 31, 2011

A Twibbon For APRIL.

Last night Tracy @Tracy4Autism piped up on Twitter wondering if I could design a Twibbon -  April is Autism Awareness Month (in the US that is. In Canada I believe it goes down in October, but no matter - the more awareness everywhere, the better). There are many passionate autism parents and advocates on Twitter and Tracy felt this could be a good way to help raise awareness.  I thought, what a freaking great idea!

Here's the design. It's a "complete" puzzle - no pieces are missing. It's also a "listening" person with two people talking on the left and the right. The middle piece is round and the others are square giving a kinda keyhole shape. Spreading awareness is key! Get it?

<-- This is what it looks like as a Twibbon. GO GET YOUR TWIBBON!! You can resize it with the slider, and drag it anywhere on your avatar. It's hashtagged #AustismAwarenessApril which should make it easier to find others wearing the Twibbon.

UPDATE: I noticed that many people are having trouble getting the twibbon to display properly on their pic. You must first LOG IN to Twibbon before clicking on the Show My Support button. Then you can resize it and move it around.

I recently donated my drawings to help lil' Deeds get his Autism Service Dog, and was touched by the specialness of the people involved - they are deeply caring and loving. Spend a little time on some of these family blogs, they have amazing stories which will move you and make you smile. Let them make you aware of autism.

I'm not an expert on the subject of autism, so I asked around for some links about Autism Awareness Month which are here and here. If you want to blog about this Twibbon please feel free to grab the image and link up.

Links and inspiration were kindly provided by:

Once Upon An Autism blogger, Tracy @Tracy4Autism
Special Happens blogger, Gina @Special_Happens
Tam's Ramblings blogger, Tam @TMBMT
Kidlutions on Facebook, Wendy Young @Kidlutions
A Dog For Deeds blogger, Bobbie @dog4deeds
and Living with Logan blogger, Caryn @Ihave7monsters.
And a large number of groovy people on Twitter and Facebook who gave instant feedback on the design. Thank-you!

Now go get your Twibbon.



  1. Love it, amazing lady! Ya done good.

  2. Love it. I really like you're "complete" puzzle piece. Can't wait to show Deeds tomorrow. You are spectacular. I have it on twitter and facebook too. Good stuff.

  3. thank you for being so kind and designing this twibbon :)

  4. Awesome! Many thanks. Hoping I can figure out how to move it down like yours.


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