October 2, 2011

MORE Funny One Liners.

Okay, here's another FREE drawing lesson for you. It's easy, all you have to do is follow these simple steps. Ready?

We're going to start with a few simple lines. Just grab whatever it is you use to draw, and go for it - wiggly, straight or bent. Lines have a hidden personality, so let's discover it.

Next you just add some dots...put them anywhere you wish!

A few extra little dashes here and there to refine the pose...

Words magically put everything into context.

And a splash of color to give it that extra zing!

WARNING: Try to work quickly; you don't want to miss your dead line.

Lemmeno how it goes!

PS - When I googled Tarzan's cry, the 17 year old daughter said it sounded like "auto-tune on crack". Which it kinda does.