August 8, 2018

Portraits of Pets

About three months ago I was really sick with a bad case of the flu, holding the sofa down and bored out of my mind. I decided to do a few digital sketches of my dog, Inkling, on my Surface tablet. When I posted the drawing to Facebook I was approached by people asking for dog and cat portraits.

So now I have a website dedicated to my portraits,, because the style is quite different than my "Animated Woman" stick figures. I am versatile.

Here's a taste:

Look at this silky muzzle.

My pet portraits are digital, drawn in Sketchbook; you get a high resolution file and take care of your own printing, or I can take care of the printing and framing for you. You can go up to 16 x 16” or even 20”. I work from one photo; adjusting lighting and colour as I draw, enhancing the expression and personality. I ask for 3-5 photos so I can get a feel for your pet’s personality, and we usually decide on one together; it should be nice and sharp, with a good silhouette, and no missing or shadowy, obscured parts. The price is $100 USD until September 2018, so book now. Find out more here.

I'm still drawing AW stuff in between portraits; currently working on my graphic novel, "BALL". Updates on that and more festival selections for HONESTY coming soon, I promise!