March 30, 2011

The LAST Snowman.

Last week it snowed. It was prolly one of the last snows of the winter, and it was lovely sticky snow, really perfect for making a snowman. I was in the kitchen making dinner and I watched the 14 year old girl through the window. This scene unfolded before me...

When she noticed that I was watching, she waved shyly. I thought, "that's so sweet; she's fourteen but she's still a child..." When I showed her this drawing, she denied being embarrassed, but a mother knows these things.

* * * * *


There is more to this story but I've removed it from the blog and here's why:

The LAST Snowman has been expanded (more drawings) and released as an ebook! Find out more about it here or just go straight to Amazon. Because stories! And hot chocolate!

Thanks for reading and stay tooned.