March 31, 2011

YOU. Aaron the LumberJACK.

This little boy's name is Aaron. He just turned a cool six years old. Why is Aaron here? Because he's my biggest fan! Apparently he's driving his mom insane by watching this cartoon over and over again and singing the LumberJACK song at the top of his voice. Awwww... Kids, eh?

It's his fondest wish to be drawn as a LumberJACK so here he is: TADAA...!
UPDATE: Aaron's mom is getting this drawing as a tattoo!

Aaron's mom is the lovely @mommyamc AKA Angela. Is her little boy not awesome cuteness ready for bed?



  1. i sooo love it and he does to thank you so much it looks so much like him u did such a great job thank you he had such a big smile on his face

  2. I'm so glad. Tell him not to chop down any trees just yet though!


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