March 24, 2011

OMG Look at the MAN Strippers!

Part 1.
WARNING: Some nudity.

This one's just too complicated to fully explain. Suffice it to say that it started with an innocent Twitter Striptease, and the next thing I knew, the Ladies were crying out for some man-flesh in a bow tie. I won't name names it was totally @EllieM72 and @rmalove.

Luckily some dudes just know when they're being voluntold.

Doing the hawt and sexy Chippendales thing we have @jpJeremy of Winding Staircase LLC on the left - I do believe he's blushing!  And grooving to Tom Jones dulcet tones we have @JosephGier AKA Joseph Grier on the right. He looks rather comfortable in the spotlight doesn't he?

Anyone from the #UsGuys stream gazing upon this awesome depiction of abs, pecs and footwear, should prolly just think of it as an exercise in barefaced keyword pimping, SEO fun & games, world class customer engagement, and ...oh yeah - "building community".

Either that or it's just plain silliness.

See Part 2.