March 24, 2011

OMG Look at the MAN Strippers!

Part 1.
WARNING: Some nudity.

This one's just too complicated to fully explain. Suffice it to say that it started with an innocent Twitter Striptease, and the next thing I knew, the Ladies were crying out for some man-flesh in a bow tie. I won't name names it was totally @EllieM72 and @rmalove.

Luckily some dudes just know when they're being voluntold.

Doing the hawt and sexy Chippendales thing we have @jpJeremy of Winding Staircase LLC on the left - I do believe he's blushing!  And grooving to Tom Jones dulcet tones we have @JosephGier AKA Joseph Grier on the right. He looks rather comfortable in the spotlight doesn't he?

Anyone from the #UsGuys stream gazing upon this awesome depiction of abs, pecs and footwear, should prolly just think of it as an exercise in barefaced keyword pimping, SEO fun & games, world class customer engagement, and ...oh yeah - "building community".

Either that or it's just plain silliness.

See Part 2.



  1. Hey everybody ...Im building a fan base!!!!

  2. i think that was the size of my gstring back then

  3. This is, with-out-a-doubt, the best reference to me anywhere on the web.

    Too much. :)

  4. Funny! I like the one on the right best ;)

  5. #UsGuysWithBowties!!
    You forgot to mention how I can reach them for private engagements!
    Love it!!

  6. RFOLAMO this is just why you need a community of friends to remind you it is important to have fun as well as work hard ;)

  7. ohh we can't work hard withOUT fun!! this is soooo awesome!!

    can't wait for the next part!


  8. Loving the sneakers but yet no cap? LOL Cowboy is cool too even without his cowboy HAT! ☺

  9. I love the booty shaking. :p Their hairstyles are very faithfully reproduced. Good work.


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