January 18, 2011


I'm coming up to 3000 followers on Twitter. Woohoo. I'm thinking I'd like to celebrate that and give a little something back to you guys in appreciation of all the nice things you say to me.

So here's a little contest / giveaway thingie. See this drawing? Picture it on a t-shirt.

I'll prolly make them on Zazzle or something so you get your choice of size etc.

"Hey JC! I'm kinda scared. How do I enter?

Fear not! I'm won't make you jump through hoops in my contest. Even though I could ask you to "follow" this blog, to "LIKE" my Facebook page, repost it on your own Facebook page, retweet the sucker to kingdom come using the button at the bottom of this post, and urge everyone you know to follow me on Twitter...I won't. Because that would make me a slut. Obviously, though, I totally appreciate retweets and shoutouts and will be your best friend forever if you share this link right now. Whee! 

There's two t-shirts up for grabs:
One t-shirt with the "t" goes to the 3000th real Twitter follower.
The other t-shirt goes to another follower who comments on this post as follows:

UPDATE: Due to the huge number of hilarious entries and general enthusiasm combined with the fact that you guys retweeted like a bunch of maniacs...I'll be selecting two winners.
  1. You may suggest something to replace the "t" - a big banana, a rocket ship, a street lamp, or something funny that fits in that space. *
  2. You must comment your idea of what should go into the speech bubble. Try to keep it clean and make sure all the words will fit in the bubble.

    *A crowd of people who look like your relatives will get you automatically disqualified!
The winner will be the funniest one, and I get to decide that, cuz it's my contest.
Oh yeah, if you win, you should post the image to your blog or Facebook page (if you have one) and link back to here. That would be cool.

Contest ends Friday, the 21st of January, midnight. I'll announce the winner on Monday evening. Open to anybody anywhere, though I can't guarantee shipping to some remote places.

A note about the image: Twitter's trademark people just got back to me about the "t" in the design. They say I can do a one - off contest as long as I don't sell any. 

Um. Remember that thing I said about being your best friend...?

Find out who won.