January 18, 2011


I'm coming up to 3000 followers on Twitter. Woohoo. I'm thinking I'd like to celebrate that and give a little something back to you guys in appreciation of all the nice things you say to me.

So here's a little contest / giveaway thingie. See this drawing? Picture it on a t-shirt.

I'll prolly make them on Zazzle or something so you get your choice of size etc.

"Hey JC! I'm kinda scared. How do I enter?

Fear not! I'm won't make you jump through hoops in my contest. Even though I could ask you to "follow" this blog, to "LIKE" my Facebook page, repost it on your own Facebook page, retweet the sucker to kingdom come using the button at the bottom of this post, and urge everyone you know to follow me on Twitter...I won't. Because that would make me a slut. Obviously, though, I totally appreciate retweets and shoutouts and will be your best friend forever if you share this link right now. Whee! 

There's two t-shirts up for grabs:
One t-shirt with the "t" goes to the 3000th real Twitter follower.
The other t-shirt goes to another follower who comments on this post as follows:

UPDATE: Due to the huge number of hilarious entries and general enthusiasm combined with the fact that you guys retweeted like a bunch of maniacs...I'll be selecting two winners.
  1. You may suggest something to replace the "t" - a big banana, a rocket ship, a street lamp, or something funny that fits in that space. *
  2. You must comment your idea of what should go into the speech bubble. Try to keep it clean and make sure all the words will fit in the bubble.

    *A crowd of people who look like your relatives will get you automatically disqualified!
The winner will be the funniest one, and I get to decide that, cuz it's my contest.
Oh yeah, if you win, you should post the image to your blog or Facebook page (if you have one) and link back to here. That would be cool.

Contest ends Friday, the 21st of January, midnight. I'll announce the winner on Monday evening. Open to anybody anywhere, though I can't guarantee shipping to some remote places.

A note about the image: Twitter's trademark people just got back to me about the "t" in the design. They say I can do a one - off contest as long as I don't sell any. 

Um. Remember that thing I said about being your best friend...?

Find out who won.



  1. Aaron and me both think it should be a giant fortune cookiee cause well thats what rocks!!!!
    and i so am up for this challange i want one you rock

  2. Very nice and really cool giveaway! You rock! :)

  3. Amazing animations! Change t to a big pair of pants with her saying Pants optional Friday!!

  4. The background is fine. I've 2 bubble comments:
    1. Tweet, but don't touch!
    2. I'm a twitterholic, baby!

  5. i forgot the bubble
    it has to say fortune cookie says tweet your heart out

  6. "Twitter, what Mom's doing while locked in the bathroom!"


  7. ok, DUH, this one is CAKE!.. It should be me with a Big Fat Peach head, ( because I am actually quite hilarious, in my own mind). Then the your bubble should say. " My tweets are so PEACHY!"

  8. "I think I need a cigarette. I was just "t boned"

  9. "i'm not as drunk as you tweet i am."
    "3000 followers....wow, my thumbs are tired."
    "harpoon the fail whale!"
    sorry, all my thoughts are related to the "t". perhaps i'll come up with something later. : )

  10. The "T" could be replaced with a large cup of coffee (like from Scarbocks or something).

    Then, your bubble can say, "I have serious Tweeting habit but my coffee habit makes me too chipper to care!"

    Or keep the T and say, "Hell yeah, 3000 followers and only 80% are bots!"


  11. I think the t should be replaced with a "dreaded" brand surfboard, and in the bubble, you should be shouting "WEEVERINE!"

  12. Maybe instead of the t, you should be leaning against a podium with Baby Palin atop it, and you saying "Baby Palin 2012."

  13. The t should be replaced with a steerable toboggan and your husband on crutches. The bubble will be you saying, "Thank God for Canadian healthcare."

  14. The t will be replaced with a giant wine glass, and you will be saying "Now I need a bigger bottle of wine!"

  15. Just because I want to see you draw it, I want the t replaced with the Cloverfield monster.

    And in the bubble you can say "Rawr!"

  16. ok i love these they rock

  17. "Suck it, Facebook" would fit nicely in that bubble.

  18. Replace the "t" with a high heel!


    "Give me heels and i give you height!"


    Good Luck Winners!

  19. awesome contest..but, it wouldn't be you if you weren't leaning against a huge bottle of wine and saying, "mmmm...grapes"

  20. Instead of the t, how about "3000" written like the title of the movie 300.

    And then the bubble can say one of the following:

    "Hundreds leave, a handful stay. Only one looks back."

    "There's only one woman's words that should affect the mood of my husband. Those are mine." (I know it's long, but it's funny.)

    "To victory!"

    "Prepare for glory!"

  21. wow!!! I'm not ummm "gifted" enough to add to all of these great ones - but man you guys sure did make me laugh out loud!!

    YOU have a tough choice ahead!!

    have fun and keep smiling!!


  22. Maybe you should make a logo that says "Your Corporate Logo" and you can say "This space for rent."

  23. I don't know what the image would be, but the speech bubble should say "Ask me about my boobs."

  24. t -> bucket
    you -> "I has a bucket."

  25. Leave the "t".

    In the bubble:

    "I *SO* am going 2 tweet abt that!!"


    "I make 140 characters my b**ch"

  26. Turn the T into a cake so it looks like you're trying to hide it. Maybe with a cornwall tanned leg coming out of it.

    In the bubble: "The cake is a lie."

  27. ~OR~

    She could be leaning on an almost closed door with hands and feet and toys poking out, with a sign on the door saying "Daddy Dooty Zone" (with little brown & green stench squiggles coming out the top of the door), and have in the bubble "Super Nanny ain't got NOTHIN on me!".

    I am a cruel, cruel mama.

  28. Leaning on the totem pole she says "I told you I have friends!"

  29. I love the tee with the Twitter "T"
    Bubble can simply say "Tooth Fairy Tweets!"
    That's T T T on a Tee! ( ☺ tee hee )
    Or you can replace the T with a Tooth if you must?
    But don't you agree T is also for Tooth and Toothfairy and Twitter and Tweet so keep it! ☺
    I love it!! ♥ Believe me I wish to and would wear it too! Thanks fairy much for this sweet chance!


  30. "That was one WILD twitter party!"

    Then just sprinkle wilted party litter around what you already have. Deflated balloons, confetti, you're the brilliant artist so I know you'd come up with something better.

  31. I'd like to see you surrounded by husband, kids, Baby Palin, the dreaded weeverine, kids from My Life ME, the lumberjack, etc. all playing instruments and acting crazy. Maybe you can be leaning against a big amp, or a stage.

    And you saying "I'm with the band."

  32. Wow I think you have some amazing ideas would love to see them animated. Thanks for all the laughs.

  33. Leave it but add another gal on the other side.
    Put Tiaras on both of them & put


    in the speech bubble

    YAY! Thanks for the contest
    aka @those2girls

  34. leaning against a bathroom door shouting be right back twits gotta pee.

  35. I'll DM U L8R! - in the bubble that is.

    I can't think of anything funnier than a banana in place of the "t".

    Cool contest.

  36. Since they are so on top of their brand, I think the bubble should say "Infringing on trademarks in 140 characters or less." Hee!

  37. How about a Large Orange K instead of the Large Blue T and the bubble can say "Screw Klout. I have 3000 followers ;)"

  38. Or you can keep it simple and just say "I RAWK!"

  39. I love the 't' - but I think the bubble should say, "The Animated Woman Follows Me."

  40. How 'bout... "I tweet, therefore I am" OR "Tweet this Facebook!" OR "Shout out to all my twats...err...twits...err.. tweethearts..you know who you are! #3000followers #whowouldathunkit

  41. Love the tshirt idea... what twitter is all about...

    'Follow me!!'

  42. How about replacing the "T" with your giant wine glass and the caption can say "To the top!"

  43. How about a large mythological bird, with you saying "Roc!"

  44. How about you leaning against Stonehenge, with you saying "Rocks!"

  45. This is what Jared suggested: A big chocolate bar should replace the "t" and in the bubble, "A woman's best friend." :) Yeah, he seeing the large amount that I consume on a daily basis.

  46. 'Tweet me again @Tojosan!' Love the big t just as is!

  47. Change the 't' to a marshall amp with a 't' replacing the marshall logo and an oversized volume control that is peaking at 3000. And, the bubble says "... but it goes to 11"


    same as above but keep the marshall logo and have a vibrating 't' floating in front of the speaker.

    PS how do i post not being anonymous while still being a ludite? You know me, it's mr. bell

  48. "My followers are cooler than yours."

  49. Simple, it should say @ragekat because homegirl is truly outrageous... Like a modern day JEM mixed with Mary Poppins.

    Practically perfect in every way...

  50. Hmm...

    "I am Twitter bitches!"

    Or switch out the T with whysdaddycrying holding you up while vacuuming with one leg

    "It's good to be the Queen!"

  51. "Bringing Oranjyna to the US!"
    "It's half past wine...time for another glass!"
    "I have sweet tweets!"

  52. 1) Make the T a Bottle of Wine & the label reads, "Whine Wine Time"

    2) Add a cell phone in one hand with the screen on a twitter app. The other hand holding a wine glass.

    3) She's in a padded room.

    4) The voice balloon says "Moms Time Out"

  53. I am not in it to win it, but this is one of the most fun constests that I have seen in a while! You have some clever readers!

  54. Yea.. ummm - errrr... How about replace the T with "THE wine glass" and in the bubble write - One Glass, One Night On Twitter"


    Hey- I tried!

  55. "Animated is the new black"
    "Dork is the new black" (only cuz that's what you tell me!)

  56. The speech bubble should have one thing in it: a red heart.

  57. I own a huge wine glass! 'Nuff said!

  58. This tree to lean on.


    In the bubble: I ♥ TREES

  59. A dance pole T.... Bubble "I've danced my way to the top"

  60. Ok, I'm trying this again (the comment failed the other day when I tried to post it. It was probably me =P).

    For the big "t" I would put a picture of Baby Palin. Largely because Baby Palin is the funniest thing EVAR. Ok, so Baby Palin should have wavy lines (or something to indicate bad smell) coming from her diaper. Inside the speech bubble should be "I re-woaded"


Cuz You Rocketh.