November 3, 2021

What Do You Give Your Parents For Their Wedding Anniversary?

What do you give your parents for their wedding anniversary? And what if it's their 56th wedding anniversary? Celebrating such an enduring union with an original gift might be a challenge...unless you are The Mighty Aliza Worthington

Hence this commission of a cartoon version of her mom and dad's original 1965 wedding photograph. 

Such a fun project; I've been so busy doing watercolour portraits and paintings lately, it's been a few months since I've done anything in my toonswag style. I loved jumping back into it, and it made me realize how versatile I've become as an artist.

Of course, there's nothing like the original. Thanks for trusting me with your parents, Barbara and Michael, Aliza, as always, you rock. Happy 56th Anniversary to these beautiful lovebirds!

Looking for a special gift for a special someone? Whether cartoon or fine art watercolour, portraits make amazing and memorable gifts, often eliciting an emotional reaction. Reach out to me HERE to arrange a commission.

January 25, 2021

She Hits Hard

Me: "What do you want for Christmas, Boy?" 

Boy: "Cover art for my first single please."

The song just dropped last week and is called She Hits Hard, and is a boxing metaphor for love ❤️💥. It had to be super-cute chibis, he said, and gave me the rough concept of bandages and black-eyes (I used the incredible Zendaya as visual reference for she-who-hits-hard). 

She Hits Hard by Merlin Little, featuring Phileep.

Merlin Little, a.k.a. The 10 Year Old Boy, is now nearly 21 and actually just moved out - during the pandemic, I know, but what can you do? Baby bird's gotta fly. Our son is what I call a 'super creative' type, and this song is part of a collection that will be an album, made during the ongoing lockdown existence.

Please support musicians. Hit this link for a preview and download the song on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and SoundCloud

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