March 9, 2011

5000 Follower WINNERS.

I dunno what came over me as I approached 5000th follower yesterday on Twitter...but it went something like this:

Me:'s getting rather warm in here. Maybe I'll just take off my sweater.....

Me: 4994....too hot, better strip down to my undies!

Me: Yeah! Twitter striptease!

Me: 4996.... there goes my bra!! Woohoo ladeez!

Me: 4998....sliding my bikini briefs down down downy down.....!

Me: AAAAAA! 5003!!! I'M BARENAKED!!!!!!

 Me: I'm drowning...blub blub...

Me: Can someone pass me my robe? *bats eyelashes demurely*

Now some of you may And to you I say.....well, you can't please everyone. I tell you what though; The Huz thinks this is just great. Ha.

The 5000th follower was @KimRosas Dirty Diaper Laundry! A round of applause for her and by the way, she had no clue what was going on with this contest.

Now for the caption contest. There were 55 entries by 44 different people! All the entries were hilarious, if you want a laugh anytime, just go check them out! It was so hard to choose, I decided on three in the end. I know, it's gonna cost me but you guys deserve it cuz you made me laugh out loud, in real life.

Here's the WINNERS: But first, my disclaimer thingie: Humor is subjective. You might not find these as funny as I do. All decisions are final.

Second runner up is Kim AKA @mentallyinked for her entry "Are you sure this isn't FB? Cuz I think I got poked in the @ss!" Congrats Kim!!

First runner up is Marcelo Alguerno AKA @Kingmar38 for his entry "It's NOT the TWITTER T! Don't come any closer copyright man!" Congrats dude!

And the top winner is mommylisa AKA @mommylisa! She really nailed it with this one:

Congratulations hon! And that's it. I'll get a hold of you all on Twitter and get your sizes.

Special mentions of appreciation go to:
@MeganWrites1 "I hope you aren't drawing any blanks...make yer move!"
@RhondaUSA  "Tweet 'em Cowboy!"
@collinsbat "Are you happy to see me or is that just a little prick I feel? "

That was fun. Shall we do it again some time?



  1. Congrats to you all!

  2. congrads this was fun to read and enjoy you all rock as does the great littleanimation
    much luv

  3. You are one fun lady :) I love turning to your blog to see what you've been drawing for us. It always puts a smile on my face. Congrats to the winners!

  4. That is an amazing amount of followers, well done you! Marsy xx

  5. not crazy about the strategically placed pink poofs


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