I Draw YOU

My name is JC and you can hire me to sketchnote your speaker event, vlog or podcast; and to toonswag your friends, family and team-players. These are playful, stand-out shareable images, perfect for live-blogging promotion and buzz-building your message with authenticity and sparkle.

Sketchnotes can be drawn live at speaker events and projected onscreen in real-time so the audience can watch it unfold. Or it can be drawn using previously recorded podcasts or vlogs. They can even be timestretched into animated videos.

Great for highlighting archived or existing content!

Capturing personalities - toonswag can be done live or using photo references.

Family portraits - imagine your family is a cartoon TV series - this makes a great gift.

If you want something custom, reach out to me JC@littleanimation.com.
Sketchnotes start at $300.
Toonswags and superheros start at $80 per person .
Cartoon family portraits start at $300.
Prices include a hi-resolution jpg file.

Who knows? I may suddenly get the notion to draw YOU next.

Unless otherwise agreed, I own the copyright on all my drawings and animation.