March 27, 2011

The ULTIMATE in MAN Stripper Footwear.

Part 4.
WARNING: Talking goldfish.

Now that we've established how you can tell a naked stick figure from a clothed one, it has to be said that @WhyIsDaddyCryin's stylish MAN Stripper footwear are my new favourite thing.

A big high-five to @BetterHalfMommy for suggesting the gold fish and to @suzspetals for the crocs.

Maybe I should make these into a t-shirt or mug or would deffo be a conversation piece. I mean these are "WTF...?!?" material for sure.

I never intended it but this turned into an awesome series.  No idea what to make of it? You need to check out the MAN Strippers in Part 1.



  1. Where can I preorder the T shirt? I got my wife's credit card READY! :D

  2. Now that the man stripper stick figure has been explained, tell me. How can you tell a topless girl stick figure?

    Your nude stick figures make me curious.

  3. I would give my left testicle to have these in real life!!! Actually...I kinda wish I didn't just offer-up my testicle. But the shoes are awesome!

  4. **makes special note to hide credit cards from husband (Brian)**

    And I still stand by my idea that @WhyIsDaddyCryin's shoes should be hamsters in hamster balls...In the very least he'd have a spare after he's given up his left testicle.

    ~~ @gypsy_mama ~~

  5. This series is hilarious! I totally think you can sell those t-shirts.