March 6, 2011

My #BlueTICK.

So I'm looking for interesting people to follow on Twitter, and occasionally I'll see someone with a little blue tick next to their name. Sometimes the person is a celeb, and sometimes it's someone I never heard of. More often the latter as my own ignorance continues to fascinate and astonish....
And I'm like, ooh, what is that blue tick all about...? Of course its Twitter's 'verified account' proving that that person is the real bonafide actual person. And it's really necessary cuz there's a lot of imposters out there who could take advantage of unsuspecting (and possibly also ignorant) folks like me. So the blue tick is a GOOD thing!

But to's more than that. It's a sign of awesomeness. A sign that you're worth following on Twitter. I don't know why, cuz I almost never follow people with little blue ticks (mostly cuz I'm terrified) and there's a TON of tweeps worth following who have no little blue tick. If Twitter gave me a little blue tick I'd be all like "mommy lookit me and my little blue tick!" hopping up and down. There's no way I'll ever get one anyways, cuz no one would ever imposterize* me.....except for me. Ha.
*made-up word

So I've made my own little blue tick. It's sole purpose is to make me feel special. It doesn't have any identity-verification powers whatsoever!
I even made you a badge of the #BlueTICK. If you should suddenly needing reminding that you're special and worthy of following, feel free to grab it and verify yourself!

And I made a TWIBBON too - If you wish, you may stick it on your profile pic on twitter to be #BlueTICK SELF-VERIFIED!
It's FREE.

If Charlie were to verify-himself as awesome and worth following with this #BlueTICK Twibbon, it might look something like this.

UPDATE: There are now over 250 #BlueTICK Twibbon supporters on Twitter and Facebook which is kinda interesting.  Although silly on the surface, it seems to have resonated somehow.

I tried to keep track of everyone by creating a #BlueTICK List on Twitter, so if you're look for self-verified awesome, just follow the list. If your name is missing, just give me a mention and I'll add you.

PS. I drew this post riding on a very fun convo I had with some lovely people on twitter today. You know who you are.
PPS.  I do love my self.

#BlueTICK gear is now available in my Zazzle Shop.