March 18, 2011


That was fun. 57 comments and a total of 54 entries all in a matter of half a day. I can see you guys like the whole "I Draw YOU" idea. And that's a good thing too., cuz no one guessed the actual number, so not only am I going to DRAW the winner, I also had to DRAW the winner.

There were:

"But why 61, JC? WHY?!?"

Cuz. That's all that would fit. Obviously.

Count them! Oh yeah and there was only:

To DRAW the winner, I gave each entry a number from 1 to 54 and got my Random Number Generator (AKA the 11 year old Boy) to choose one.

He chose number 48! Congratulations @jillsmo!! And by the way, her guess was "0" heh, heh.

Hey wait a minute. She's already a stick figure. So should I draw the real life Jillsmo? Or should I draw the stick figure Jillsmo? Remember, I'm drawing her wearing the Leprechaun's lucky hat.

Go see how that drawing turned out.