March 23, 2011

YOU...logy. Dame ELIZABETH Taylor.

I'm having an emotional reaction to the passing away of Elizabeth Taylor. I can't explain it. 
She was an inspiration to me for so many reasons. And she had beautiful eyebrows.
Dame Elizabeth Taylor, you've done so much good. I pay tribute to you and your vision.

The Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation.



  1. Wasn't she just so sweet, but scandalous at the same time - she was just real, and time proved her to be a good person :)

  2. Liked her the most in Giant and Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. Beautiful woman. She was sick for so long. Glad she's at peace.

  3. She was the very definition of "Hollywood Star". She was a classy, sassy, sexy lady and a true icon. RIP Liz

  4. My favourite quote of her: “I’ve been through it all, baby, I’m mother courage.”

  5. NICE! I love the violet! RIP, Elizabeth...and ya know...I hadn't much thought about her eyebrows before...but as I was looking at images of her today, they really caught my eye. My 13 y.o. dd was lamenting her brows, despite my thinking they are beautiful (I'm a mom...that's my job, right?)...anyways...I told her today that her eyebrows look very much like Liz's and that actually got a smile. I'll share the pics with her tomorrow...and your rendition above.

  6. Lovely tribute to one when Hollywood was great ;)