April 8, 2011


So there I was, minding my own business when suddenly, someone sent me a 'mention' on Twitter! It was @dadgineer asking what I use to draw my comics. Believe it or not, I get asked this question at least once a day. Of course, I answered that I use a WACOM! I could go on and on about how great it is, and how I like the tablet even more than my Cintiq, too. But I won't.

Instead I'll tell you what happened next. I started thinking.

And then, out of the blue, an idea hit me! WACOM should totally sponsor my blog, right?
What a great idea!

But how do get WACOM to notice me...? I decided to shoutout to @wacom on Twitter.
Gotta tellya, @wacom were on the ball and they responded two hours later, with this:
Very complimentary, but not exactly throwing money at me, are they?
Plus, they spelled "huge" wrong.

So then I get a another Twitter 'mention' and this time it's from @dotandlil. Some of you may know Anne from her fantastic Dot & Lil luxury soap blog and shop, and some of you may know her from the SOAPER Hero. I know her in real life and she's sweet, loving, clever, beautiful ...and a real hardass businesswoman!! Yeesh.

She's always telling me I hafta get on the blower and phone people up and sell my wares. But I'm scared. I'm scared of the phone! Just the thought of calling WACOM turns me into a babbling three year old.

I start talking like Principle Krupp from Captain Underpants* when he unwittingly proposed marriage to one of the teachers.
*If you don't know Captain Underpants, you should immediately genuflect before the great Dav Pilkey and beg for forgiveness. Then click here and get your credit card out.Trust me, you'll want the whole set.

I decided to draw instead of phoning. Let's make a list of all the reasons why WACOM should sponsor my blog.

  • I can make my own ad. And it would fit perfectly into my website. See?
  • I draw with the WACOM every day, posting drawings AND animation several times a week to this humour blog.
  • Product placement! The WACOM has already been featured on this blog several times! I often draw myself drawing with one; it could happen more often, right? 
  • My stats prove that I have a loyal and growing fan base.  
  • The folks who visit my blog are regular family people, some of whom may consider buying a WACOM for themselves or their aspiring artistic offspring instead of, say, a puppy.
  • Some of my blog appreciators want to know how I do what I do; having an ad on the blog would save me the trouble of explaining!
  • OK, so I'm not a digital artist like Bert Monroy who uses a million layers in his jawdropping work and draws with a WACOM. But that's precisely why I'm so sponsorable. I'm accessible
  • I could use the money. I mean, I'm not starving or anything but, you know, three kids, braces, college fees, dog food, wine. The ZOMBIE Fridge. It all adds up.
  • The WACOM I draw with is very affordable and super easy!
  • Imagine if they donated a WACOM for one of my contest prizes - my followers would go bananas!
  • If WACOM doesn't sponsor me, I can do this ---->

Perhaps Anne is right.
I should prolly bite the bullet and phone WACOM up. What's the worst that could happen...?

PLEEZE comment below so I can show this to WACOM, giving them yet another reason to sponsor my blog. You could also tweet @wacom with the link to this post. And then go and tell @dotandlil to make the phone call for me.

UPDATE: July 1st 2011.
In case you're wondering, I did finally call WACOM. I sent them a proposal and I guess they'll respond at some point. But yesterday @wacom tweeted me this:

Will anything come of it? Who knows! The Quest for Sponsorship is almost as much fun as the drawing series in my proposal. I love drawing with my WACOM and I'm not about to stop. I'm like the Ultimate Brand Advocate. Woo!

What happened next?



  1. Oh WACOM, you dear company you, sponsoring this blog really is the right thing to do. The animations are delightful (and make me happy), and now that I know what is used in their creation, I'm intrigued by your product and want to play with one! Of course, our dear Animated Woman would also need sponsorship to teach a class on your tablet, but I'm sure that could be arranged, yes? Glad we see eye to eye on this, my dear WACOM.
    Love and kisses, Jen

  2. Your illustrations & animations actually make ME want one...and I suck at drawing. Seriously. Unless it's an alligator. I used to rock at drawing alligators.

  3. My kid is an artist, and she loves Wacom, too. They should definitely sponsor you; you're an excellent spokesperson. Drawsperson?

  4. It's as you say, WACOM MUST SPONSOR YOUR BLOG! I don't understand why they'd want to lose such a "huuuge" opportunity for publicity and marketing.

    By the way, the little 3yo might be babbling, but she's tremendously CUTE! And it's all thanks to WACOM you can make such an adorably CUTE 3yo self. :3

  5. Wacom is crazy NOT to sponsor you. LOVE this one.

  6. If I worked at WACOM I'd sponsor your blog. Actually, I'd sponsor my blog first (which has absolutely nothing to do with drawrings) then I'd sponsor yours!!! Good luck!

  7. Hey Wacom, just do it, sponsor The Animated Woman. Its the right thing to do. Yesterday I didn't even know who Wacom was. Today I do.

  8. Of course WACOM should sponsor you! You use their product, you like their product, you promote their product - you NEED WACOM and quite frankly - they NEED YOU!

    In this world of Apple mania - I'm sure they would like some positive, funny, popular (yes VERY popular) publicity from a very 'animated' source who provides all her own artwork - see what I did there?!

    Come on WACOM - you should be calling up this lovely lady and asking what you could do for her - not the other way around.

  9. I am always looking for outputs of my creativity. After talking to you, I am seriously considering getting a Wacom tablet.

    It seems to me that the Wacom tablet is well suited for you as an end user and the user base you represent. Their offerings are everywhere from DIY homeowner to professional end user.

    At least Wacom can give you a couple DIY end user models to use as giveaways as an experiment to see how much excitement you can generate.


  10. It looks like a Win Win situation. Wacom would be crazy not to sponser you..

  11. You know....I was just going to check out Wacom....and then I cam across this blog....if they are that mean then I'm going to take my custom elsewhere....

  12. Wacom should sponsor LittleAnimation, I fixed my little nurse and drew my veggies w a wacom....I even drew the pesky little tick that all of you should be watching for....Don't get bit...LittleAnimation is really inspiring me maybe I might have to purchase more Wacom products so I can get as good as LittleAnimation.

  13. Brilliant, plus 3 yo Animated Woman is the cutest thing EVER.

    P.S. do you have any inside info on where/when I can find the last Captain Underpants book for my niece!?

  14. WACOM you should sponsor this blog. It's fabulous and she's promoting your product everyday ANYWAY! Just by virtue of the existence of her blog!

    All that said, you probably should still call them. :-)

  15. Awesome post! Thanks for saying such nice things about me (awww, you think I'm beeyoutiful??)

    Ok, now that all that gushy-gushy, nicey-nicey stuff is out of the way, PUT DOWN THE MOUSE/WACOM and GET ON THE PHONE, WOMAN! Call Wacom and tell them about this post! Send them stats! Find out who's in charge of their marketing department! They seriously need to bring their marketing into this decade, I mean, have you googled them? They need reviews! They need attention! They need fun! They need...YOU!

    It's true folks, I'm the big meanie who's always pushing JC to stop hiding behind her awesome drawings and GET ON THE PHONE, WOMAN.

    Why? Because she's AMAZING, and the world needs to know, right? RIGHT? Who's with me here, people?

  16. WACOM is awesome. I have used their tablets for oh.... just about 7-8 years now and I love them. AND I LOVE JC, soo.... thing one, with lots of money (re: WACOM) should support thing 2 with awesome followers and a sense of humor and a rockin face for promotions (re: JC!)

    so. YA HEAR WACOM! erm... rather YA READ WACOM!!!

    ps, JC, what tablet do you use?

  17. Until I read this I thought Wacom was something to do with moles.Now I know they should definitely sponsor your blog

  18. If they sponsor you I'll buy one!!

  19. This blog just planted the idea in my head to surprise my 9 yr old DD with her very own WACOM (that I will, of course, use as well - attempt to use anyway :-p). WACOM, this blog just possibly made a sale for you (from the looks of other comments, several sales)...You gotta sponsor this blog (please and thank you :D)!

  20. Wacom,
    How can you rationally pass up the ROI (with low likely I, and high possible R) of sponsoring this site? Why ignore this passion and free advertising?


  21. Ok, so, you ready to pick up the phone yet? :)

  22. I've never heard of WACOM, but as soon as I finish typing this comment I'm going to do a search for them because my son LOVES to draw comics. Of course if there was a big AD on your site I wouldn't have to search, and who knows what could happen between now and . . . SQUIRREL!!

  23. If you are nervous about the phone - email them a proposal FIRST - then follow-up. What do you want from them, what will you give them in return... show your growth, stats and all that cool stuff they love to see. See if they have an affiliate program - that way you can make money as people buy it based on your recommendation! YOU GO GIRL - you can do it!

  24. WACOM PLEASE sponsor JC AND do a giveaway! My son with autism needs one of these!

  25. First time here, but really enjoyed the visit....SOOOOOO funny (sorry but I had to spell "so" wrong, that's just how funny it was). Obviously WACOM should sponsor you! And obviously you need to call them, too!

  26. I need a WACOM. Why do I not have one?

    I bet I could be an amazing and successful artist/designer/genius if I had a drawing tablet.

    Instead I use pencils.

    And my pencils always tell me that I am number two.

    I bet if I had a Wacom, I would be number one.

  27. Now I want a WACOM too, and I didn't even know what it was until I read this! Call them and show them this post.

  28. Number One: I LOVE this blog.
    Number Two: I had no idea what a WACOM is and now that I do, I really really want one.
    What more do you guys want? Product promotion through an authentic and normal (err, okay, maybe normal, but you know what I mean) person who actually has the POWER to make people want your product? If that's not enough, WACOM really need to rethink their marketing.

  29. WACOM would be LUCKY to sponsor you. The end. Tweeting them now. And? I'm good on the phone. I could totally be you and call them...if that was not fraud.

  30. Yes, WACOM should sponsor your blog. They should also send me a tablet to review since I just got Illustrator and want to learn to use it well.

    Also, I REALLY think you should move your blog to self-hosted wordpress. Your SEO will be through the roof and you will be seen by way more people. And possibly get on WACOM's radar permanently. I can help you if you're ever interested in switching. I do it for a living. :)

  31. Dude, you do such an awesome job, they would be fools not to sponsor you!

  32. They should abso-freaking-lutely sponsor you! And Dot and Lil is dead on correct. You were tweeting the social media intern. But I'm sure he or she was like "Duuude that blog is awesome!" before they forgot all about it and went back to surfing the net.

  33. WACOM? Never heard of it. Until now.

    Now that looks nifty, I bet the kids would love it too.

    Though I suppose if WACOM is not sponsoring you, I have no reason to buy their's...I mean, there soooooo many others out there- what makes their's so special?

    Oh, I bet you might know JC!! ;)

  34. Wow, with all this chatter about wacom, it's really too bad that there's not an actual LINK to their site from yours. Oh, but then that would be an advertisement, wouldn't it. Don't post one for free, JC. Why would they pay for all this free publicity!

  35. Gah, I mean, don't give them for free what they *should* be willing to sponsor. Yeah. That's it. :) good luck
    (And they're right: call. On the phone.)

  36. i just love your art work and wacom now i know who you are and what you do think too little animation

  37. I didn't even know what a WACOM was until I was reading you're funnies and now I want one. I looked on their website and Amazon, it's too cool.
    WACOM if you read these, this is not a joke. I really have never heard of you and now I really do want one. So this wonderful lady just helped you make sales. :-D And actions speak louder than words. :-)

  38. My husband used to have one of those, they're great. And if they sponsor your blog I may just get him a new one to use with his iPad. ;) You should do it!! You CAN do it!!!! GO, JC!!!!!!!!!

  39. It's a great fit between a top blogger and an excellent brand. We have two of their tablets and love them.

  40. They should totally sponsor your blog. Based on your artwork I, a non-artist, now am drooling and wanting their product.

    I'd be terrified to call them, too. I hate the phone.

  41. You are so Awesome I'm waiting on your TV interview by the way I have the same keyboard

  42. following on twitter!


  43. Gotta love those wacom intuos tablets... my life literally improved when I got mine

  44. I found your blog on the wacom website!

  45. Hey Maddy - that is awesome. Wacom finally did notice me and thanks to that, we can connect.

  46. I guess this post was before I found your blog. Did Wacom ever get back to you? I think it would be in their best interest. Well, unless you want $1000 per month, then I'd say you're crazy.

    1. They did get back to me. You're supposed to click the link at the end of the post that says "What happened next?"