July 22, 2010


I was tweeting this story when one of my clever followers suggested I blog it. So once again, it's Twitter storytime with Little Animation. Drawings only; I know, I know, you wanna see it move. But I'm on vacation here in the UK people! Stop whining.

So there we are at this beach at Marazion, staring directly out at St. Michael's Mount.

And we're looking for a nice little spot, sheltered from the wind, to set up this little portable bbq that my MIL has. Everything is covered in stinkie seaweed as the tide has just started going out. Bleah.

Finally we find a spot right next to the high stone wall at the top of the beach. Nice right? Wrong! It's full of litter!!

So rather than just stare at all the litter and get more and more upset, I decide to start picking it up. So I'm picking up the litter on the beach and putting it in this tin bucket intended to carry home the hot bbq coals.

Meanwhile my husband is building the bbq and stuff. And the kids and my MIL all helped me pick up the litter on the beach. Anyways, you would not believe it, but we filled that bucket right up to OVERFLOWING with beach garbage.

The kind of garbage we picked up from the beach included a paintbrush (used), several plastic bottles, twine, glass, styrofoam, bottle tops. So the tin bucket is overflowing with beach garbage and I'm thinking, wow, good thing we brought this bucket, it's come in handy. Right? Right! I use it to carry all the rubbish to the bins up behind the beach.

So my husband finishes cooking the food on the portable bbq on the beach, and we all eat the food and have a lovely time. And then...it's time to go, and we realize the lid to the tin bucket has been forgotten at home so we can't stifle the hot coals in it.

In short, there's no way to save the coals. But even knowing this, my husband dumps the coals into the tin bucket. And this is where it starts to get weird.

(At this point during my tweets no one had really indicated they were following the story so I asked: Are you listening? Quite a few were listening attentively as it turns out  Guess they learned not to INTERRUPT after the DEAD Rat Story)

Well any ways, it starts to get weird cuz of the bucket now being full of extremely HOT coals from the beach bbq and no lid to put on it. And we can't take that home can we? I mean, you can't put a metal bucket of hot coals in a car with three children and a MIL..

So I'm thinking....I wonder if we could douse it with sea water...?

But my husband says the salt water isn't good for the bucket. And I'm like WTF???

My MIL takes out her water bottle and offers to douse the HOT coals with her meagre quantity of H20. Which would have evaporated immediately.

So the hot coals are in the tin bucket, how to deal with them? And then I can see this evil twinkle in my husband's eye. And I know that evil twinkle. I've seen it before.

I could tell that my husband just wanted to piss in the bucket on those hot coals.

He was determined, okay? And there's no dissuading him when he gets that evil twinkle.

So he's trying to balance the bucket on this ledge in the wall so he can piss in it ONTO the hot coals from the bbq on the beach. And I said "if you piss in that bucket on those hot coals, I will hafta tweet about it."

Of course he ignored my tweet threat and went ahead and pissed in the bucket full of hot coals as it perched precariously on the ledge. Oh dear, what happened next was truly FOUL.

(Here it emerges that several of my male followers admit, nay, boast, that they would have done the same thing. Which is kinda interesting, you gotta admit.)

So away he goes, pissing in the bucket and the steam that came off those hot coals was VILE. And also? Strangely greenish.

Luckily the kids were off rock pooling somewhere and didn't bear witness to their father's antics.

So then would he rinse the bucket out? No, because the salt water is bad for the tin bucket. Folks, I married him and I do love him.

When we all piled into the car to drive back home with the bucket of piss soaked coals now cooling in the back the kids said...  "It smells like ...fish...no - ashes. No wait.....DAD DID YOU PEE IN THE BUCKET?!?"

My husband said he didn't mind one bit if I blogged this. He's pleased cuz he said it makes a better story. And I guess he was right. As he pointed out, no one wants to hear the one about the man who didn't piss in the bucket. Plus he insisted I depict his piss as a manly stream.

His eyes are still kinda bloodshot though.

What's the moral of the story?


July 15, 2010

Enough of Being AFRAID.

What's in the BOX already?!?
Think back to the short film "Why is Daddy Crying?"

You all saw Daddy get his Father's Day gift...

...and you wondered if his wifey was being sneaky...

...if his ninja son was planning another ambush....

...or if his aspiring princess daughter was about to sink her chompers into more than mere plastic toys...

...and you prolly thought OMG the unicorn is in on it?!? Unicorns are meant to be pillars of innocence and purity! What the...?!?

And I bet that after taking a stab at guessing what was in the box, you started to get a little bit nervous for the Daddy. A little AFRAID even. Because it could so easily be YOU.
Am I right? Well, sometimes you just hafta confront your worst fears.

Now the moment you've all been waiting for; the Part II, the epilogue, the sequel, the director's cut....based on the remarkable life and times of Daddy Blogger extraordinaire WhyIsDaddyCrying.com...

Little Animation is proud to present...Enough hype already, play the freakin' film.

With that, I think I just added HORROR to the list of film genres I do :D You know how the dude feels about these things; it might be a fate worse than death.
Good thing it's only a film...so far.

See what WhyisDaddyCrying is saying about "What's in the BOX?"....

And tell me if you own a snuggie, how you got it and what colour it is.


July 10, 2010

Be Very, Very, VERY Afraid.

We have a Winner!

Last night I reviewed all the entries to my #whatsintheBOX contest - they are hilarious! Go see what everyone thinks is in @WhyIsDaddyCryin's Father's Day gift...!

We had 19 guesses in all, though one was kinda late so I can't count it. It was still funny though! And that's the whole point here: to have fun and *laugh out loud*. "Ha ha ha."

Last night I asked my random number generator (my ten year old son) to choose a number from 1 to 18. He chose number 13!!! The 13th comment came from (drum roll) ..... Lisa!!! AKA @LadyWanderlust - Congratulations Lisa!

I promised I would draw the winner as well as "draw" the winner. So here's Lisa à-la-JC style. As you can see from this drawing, she's over the moon with happiness at winning a couple of our Little Animation 4kids DVD's.

Lisa has two blogs - World According 2 Lisa: A Blogeddess' Tale and The Jaded Heart Still Beats. But why don't I let her speak for herself. My BFFFF @TrashcanRoxanne came over and we opened a bottle of wine and made up a bunch of questions to ask her: 

JC: Hi Lisa!! Let`s start with a skill testing question (haha!) and move on from there.
Subtract your number of followers from those you follow. Multiply by the number of lists you`re in. Add 2. Add another 3. Take away zero. Now divide the first half by your age. If you can do that you WIN!! LOL!  

Lisa: Ummmm, there is a reason I teach GEOGRAPHY!  But here's my answer:  11 X 46 =  506 + 2 + 3 = 511 / 4 = 12.46

JC: I can't believe you actually got that...wow. Okay. Who are you and what are you made of?

Lisa: I am an independent woman, single mother of two and teacher made of confidence, drive, guarded love...and bacon and butter!

JC: You're made of bacon and butter? Two of my favourite food groups!! Next question - What`s your favourite household chore? And why not? 

Lisa: My favorite is vaccuuming because I get a sense of accomplishment.  I HATE folding laundry because, well, I just do.  I HATE FOLDING LAUNDRY!

JC: STOP SHOUTING! Only I am allowed to shout on my blog. Now tell us why you're wearing that crown?

Lisa: I am a self-proclaimed Blogoddess (blog + goddess)! It's proof of all the power that the voices in my head say I have.

JC: Voices in your head? So I'm not the only one?? *kidding* Your guess­ as to #whatsintheBOX was "I say it's a positive pregnancy test"; What made you guess this?

Lisa: Well, if I had a positive pregnancy stick...I would be more than @WhyIsBlogoddessCrying... it would be more like @WhyIsLisaInAFetalPosition&Drunk.... besides, he looks virile and manly, like a baby-making monster.

JC: (message to @WhyisDaddyCryin's wife - you getting this?) Next question: Do you think @WhyisDaddyCryin is a big "cry-daddy"? Give two and a half reasons.

Lisa: Yes, of course!  1), all men are BIG cry babies.  2) all parents are cry babies....when they have rugrats that young.   2.5) because he just is!

JC: Hahaha! Right. How much would you pay to see him run naked through the streets of Chicago? And would you pay cash?

Lisa: Ummmm, I have not had a date is such a long time, so it might be worth $8.00 (price of a movie) for me to see some @WhyisDaddyCryin man-junk running around town.  Besides, Chicago is one of my most fave towns ever!

JC: As much as that? Wow. Okay, last question: Have you ever had a Stick Figure Portrait done before?

Lisa: Of course...as a teacher I use stick art all the time.... you should my King Leopold of Belgium.....

That's it folks! Thanks again for entering this slightly silly contest.
I'll leave you with a last little teaser for the upcoming release of "Why is Daddy Really Crying?" or "What's in the BOX???"

It seems that even the Unicorn is in on it.

Based on the remarkable life and times of daddy blogger extraordinaire WhyIsDaddyCrying.com, and coming SOON to a laptop near you, the sequel to this.

Stay tooned!

What happens next? Click to find out...!


July 9, 2010

Be Very, Very AFRAID.

I am back from teetering on the edge of laptop oblivion...!
Where was I? Oh yeah, right. The #whatsintheBOX contest about @WhyisDaddyCryin.

First though, here's another teaser for you. I know, the suspense is killing you, right?

Just look at him. The Daddy is eagerly, happily wating to unwrap his Fathers' Day gift. He has an almost childlike innocence. Awwww...

And you all seem to have some pretty inventive guesses as to what's in the box, I was starting to get a little nervous reading them. Gotta say it - I'm IMPRESSED.

As promised, I'm going to draw a winner from all of the entries at the end of the day tomorrow (Friday). I don't mean draw-draw, I mean draw as in 'names' from a 'hat'. Although actually drawing the winner is not a bad idea......come to think of it.....

But I digress. Tomorrow I'll select the winner using a random number generator (my ten year old son is good at that kind of thing) and I'll blog the announcement on Saturday.

Based on the remarkable life and times of daddy blogger extraordinaire WhyIsDaddyCrying.com, and coming SOON to a laptop near you, "Why is Daddy Really Crying" The sequel to this.
Please stand by!

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July 7, 2010

Lost and Found.


Yesssss! Three days late, the UPS truck finally did show up. But not before first calling me to say the package was lost. Oh, ok, they didn't use the word "lost", pardonnez-moi; they simply said they couldn't "find" it. Sounds kinda like LOST don't it?!? Which made me feel like half way between broken-hearted and barfing.

Thirty agonizing minutes later... I'm not sure if it was the twitter angels bringing my plight to the attention of @EvanAtUPS or what, but just then the doorbell suddenly rang.

And voilà!
What's that yucky brown stain?  See this animation.

My joy was somewhat shortlived. During all this waiting for the brown UPS truck, the electricity company somehow managed to accidentally disconnect my phone AND internet, shaving yet another decade off my life expectancy.

So here I sit, stuck at home waiting for yet another coupla guys in different coloured trucks to show up and fix it...

And since I'm sitting around waiting, I'm trying to install Bootcamp on this crazy Macbook Pro myself, and it's eating me alive.

See the grey?

You can make someone else smile by sharing.

July 5, 2010


It's important to have a sense of humour in life; animation comes in especially handy for this as you might imagine, haha. I tweeted all day long about my wayward Macbook Pro, (which I bought after seeing a DEAD Rat), that was apparently supposed to be delivered last Friday, and was apparently going to be delivered any minute now.

Now this laptop is no ordinary luxury item - I mean, yeah, it's kickass and all - but I need it for work, because I have an animation job I have to deliver right after my family vacation. I know, I'm not supposed to work on my vacation; but for me, it's actually fun. I mean really wanted to get the badass Dell, but it wasn't going to get delivered in time, so I went for the Mac instead. They promised me I'd make my deadline. You get the irony here? Dudes I am leaving in ONE WEEK. It's getting a little tight!

My twitter following is awesome; they held my hand ALL DAY LONG. One of them, super dude @DaddyYoEffinRox of the DaddyYoBlog, suggested I animate this. I thought it totally RAWKED!! So I did =D

And...I offer it to you, all my lovely tweeples who helped me crawl through the day. It's short but hey, so is life, right?

Now please cross your fingers that I get that *bleep* *bleep* *bleeeeeeep* ing laptop tomorrow.

Did JC ever get her laptop? Check the Lost and Found.

You can make someone else smile by sharing.

July 3, 2010


Enough clowning around.

Here's another teaser for the sequel to the film "Why is Daddy Crying?" in which we answer the question...what is in that BOX??

I know you're all on the edge of your seats, and getting kinda tingly with anticipation. Hah!

Just feast your eyes on the innocent and unsuspecting expression on the Daddy's face. Prolly thinks there's chocolates in there. Or a neck-tie. Or a new blow-up doll.

Based on the remarkable life and times of daddy blogger extraordinaire WhyIsDaddyCrying.com, AKA @WhyIsDaddyCryin on Twitter and coming SOON to a laptop near you, "Why is Daddy Really Crying".

Think you know #whatsintheBOX? Comment below, I'll do a draw of all the entries and send the winner our animation DVD's sometime next week. Real casual-like contest.

Keep it clean, there's grownups in the room.

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July 1, 2010

Clown Suit

The 13 year old daughter had a party last night. No less than TEN (10) teenagers, boys and girls, arrived for a water fight. Lucky for me, they had the water fight in the park. When they came back to the house for snacks, it was deemed that one particular boy was much too soaking wet to be allowed into the house. I knew nothing about that last bit, by the way.

Anyhow, the rest of the gang came in, dried off and got on with the party. So this poor boy was obediently waiting outside for a good 30 minutes, when he decided to finally ring the doorbell.

He's standing there, still dripping with H2O and he says,

"Can I please come in? I'll wait in the garden until it's time to go."

Of course I immediately got him in and asked my eldest daughter to find him something wear whilst we threw his clothes in the drier. She brought him the clown suit. And he put it on.

This kid is my new hero. And that's why he's here on my blog. Doesn't he look smashing?