March 25, 2011

Naked STICK Figures.

Part 2.

WARNING: Some more nudity. Sort of.

Last we left them, the MAN Strippers were shakin' it to the dulcet tones of Tom Jones...

And so @WhyIsDaddyCryin crashes yet another of my blog posts. Pretty sure @jpJeremy and @JosephGier will like him once they figure out why he's crying and why he's always going on about Pants Optional Fridays on his side-splitter of a daddy-blog.

Shameless plug - go vote for "Why Is Daddy Crying?" and he'll be your best friend and invite you to dinner. You may end up locked in the basement for a few weeks but it'll prolly be worth it just for the great memories.

Is he #UsGuys material? Who knows! But let me ask you this - how can you tell if a stick figure is naked or not?  
Find out how in Part 3.