TV Series

Here's an episode from my TV series, "My Life ME". It's a tween comedy; animation what else?

I created it and my friends Cindy Filipenko and Svetlana Chmakova came on board as co-creators. Which turned out great because the broadcasters really liked the show. Basically our collaboration made it happen.

It has aired across Asia on the Disney Channel, and France, Portugal, Germany. In Canada it played on French Teletoon; the English version aired on Teletoon in Canada in September 2011 only. Due to a change in "mandate", it was only allowed one season. The show was nominated for a Best Animated Series Award at Kidscreen 2010...that was kind of cool. And there's a website which has games and extra animated goodies. The French version "3 et MOI" was nominated for a 2011 Gemini Award in two categories; Best Animated Series and Best Kids Website.

Although the show was intended for the 8 - 12 year old TV audience, it seemed to strike a nerve with the young adults that were the characters' ages (13, 14) back when the show was created (2005). This gave rise to an interesting, though short-lived, hatedom which played out on Youtube and various chat forums on the Internet. My view on this is simple - fans and haters are two cheeks of the same butt. I appreciate their point of view.

Thanks for watching!