January 24, 2011

The Battle of the BABIES.

For those who entered the 3000 FOLLOWERS contest but did not win a custom t-shirt, this is your consolation prize.

You all know blogger dude @WhyisDaddyCryin, right? And you know @IamthePeachy1? (She is an expert on duct tape.)

Two of the funniest people on the internet, they'll make you fill your shorts right up. Put them together and all hell breaks loose. This twitter convo went down just as my following shot the roof off of 3000...

I was sweaty and nervous.

JC: Wow.....3 more to go.....I'm getting all sweaty and nervous.....
Eeeeeeeks. I'm at 2999. I might just have to go to the bathroom.

And then the dude tweeted:

WhyIsDaddyCrying: my dear friend @LittleAnimation is 1 follower away from 3,000!!! Follow, you won't regret it...she hates Snuggies and draws real good-like

JC: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Avalanche of followers....HELP ME!!!!!!

JC: Holy crapoly. Your shoutout farking flooded me dude. I was swept away. #tsunami

WhyIsDaddyCrying: hahaha...I have awesome followers, what can I say?!!! Glad it worked and congrats on crossing 3,000!

JC: Thank-you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (way too many exclamation points but I can't help it)

WhyIsDaddyCrying: Anything for you my dear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enter The Peach...

IamthePeachy1: Dude get your lips off her butt that shirt is MINE MINE MINE!

JC: HAHAHAHAHA! Oh too funny! #hislips #mybutt

IamthePeachy1: I am serious I have already purchased pajama pants to match the shirt I am surely to win. #mylips #yourbutt #hesout

WhyIsDaddyCrying: Guuuuuurl...I'll pull your damn weave out! You best step-off that shirt!!!

IamthePeachy1: Grrr...! Somebody hold my earrings.

All of a sudden, I realize I'm trapped in a car with two sugar deprived toddlers.

JC: CUT IT OUT you too. Yeeesh. You're worse than my two redheads.

IamthePeachy1: Um. I am a redhead. Also.. he started it


IamthePeachy1: He's touching me... he started it.... I didn't do it.... he hit me!

WhyIsDaddyCrying: She said I'm "stupid" and a "poopy face" and then burped at me!!

IamthePeachy1: Nuh uh. He's a liar, he's a big fatty-fat-fat liar and he farted on my french fries !

JC: Alright. That's it. I'm pulling over. Dammit.

IamthePeachy1: Ok but he started it.

WhyIsDaddyCrying: That's bull crap!!! She said my momma's so fat she wears a VCR as a beeper...and that's just mean!!

JC: I will only say this once:  If you don't stop arguing in the car, I will stop drawing.


IamthePeachy1: Totally stopping, just don't make me hug him.

WhyIsDaddyCrying: Oh shit!! NNNOOOO!!! I'll be good, I'll be good!!!

IamthePeachy1: Me too me too me too.


WhyIsDaddyCrying: You are! You are!! But ummm...I kinda was hoping I'd be spanked at some point!...but I'll stop anyway I guess

IamthePeachy1: I'm getting ice cream.

Nobody can say I don't take care of my peeps.



  1. seriously lmfao i loved it loved it i say u rock!!!!!!!

  2. !!!

    I just giggled until my eyes watered.

  3. so awesome...not only do I love how my gap as a kid is 18 teeth wide, but I also love how it look chomping a bite out of Peachy1's head! ha

    You are my hero and Peachy1 is a booger-picker.

  4. dooood he's totally friggin biting my head in that last shot? what? not cool. hey man, quick go see if your legos are still there, hehehe, they'll be back ,, in like a week when the dog is done with them, JC I LOVE YOU..

  5. I think I will have finally arrived once I get made into a comic. Other people they want to have a yacht or a mansion or a fancy car. Not us bloggers. We want to be in one of your comics. This is awesome.

  6. Thats soooooo funny. I think you got Peachy1's lips jussssst right!

  7. I am proud and will say it out loud: I HEART TWITTER! And the Peachy. She's nuts but she's a peach.

    Awesome drawing skillz batman!

  8. @bitethebedbugs - So awesome to read that. I wonder if there are any other bloggers out there who are doing caricatures of their community...

  9. uhm Tara- didn't The Bloggess break your site for like 3 days one time by talking about you because of the tranny legos and ghost camera? I kind of think that means you have not only "arrived" but have have your own wing with an actual engraved name plate on the door. Geesh. LOL.

  10. OMG! I absolutely love this! :) *sigh* Yes, I agree, I dream of one day being drawn by you. :)

  11. So very nice of you to not put a cork in the french-fry-farter-onner. Just sayin'

  12. So hysterical! You, WhyIsDaddyCryin, and IamthePeachy1 are all nuts! And I love it! Please, I beg of you, keep it comin'! Luv ya!
    Donloyn Gadson (@CreoleMagnolia)

  13. Thank God I read this before I went on a road trip with the Peachy.

  14. You are a UH - MAZING!!! So funny and full of complete awesome!!!

  15. Amazing content and design as I have come to expect from reading your posts...

  16. Wow wow wow! fun and awesomeness and wow!

  17. OMG JC...this totally made me chuckle out loud, funny stuff :D

  18. Ohmygosh!
    LOVE it. SuperLOVE it.
    Peachy1 is a booger picker?
    LOL....Love that daddycrying dude. He is the BOMB.
    I'm gonna tweet him as well.
    You are so talented LittleAnimation. Truly.

  19. Hahahah! You rock my socks JC.....

  20. I am so saaaaad I missed the original but loving the replay!


  21. omg omg. tooo funny! ha ha ha!

  22. Good stuff can't stop laughing

  23. I just accidentally like ended up here because well it's like my little private fort where I can come and put a hex on why is daddy crying... I mean where I can see expert artistry and remember how I totally didn't win that shirt. In the replay I noticed it went from #hislipsyourbutt to #histeethmyhead clearly he has some oral fixation going on. I totally go the icecream. So nee and nurr. xo ya JC...


Cuz You Rocketh.