October 1, 2013


WARNING: Cursing.

In real life, I swear like a sailor. Maybe it's because I'm Canadian... although plenty of Canadians never use four-letter-words. I'm one of the ones who does; yes, there are days when every single sentence that comes out of my mouth is punctuated by an expletive. I even make my kids blush sometimes.

But on the Internet, I rarely use colourful language. I think it's something to do with my professional background producing animation for kids. Also, I can't deny a lingering fear that no brands will want to work with my blog if I let loose...even though I don't really shill for The Man out here. Nonetheless, the fear persists.

So I pepper little asterisks into the occasional hot-words hoping to cool them off: but whenever I read through my archives I think it f*cking looks like dishonest sh*t.

Filter is on! Mostly. Self censorship sucks.

There's some stories that just can't be told without dropping an F-Bomb, dammit.

Like many, many bloggers before me I've arrived at a fork in the road: do I continue to substitute the eff word with "freaking", "FUQ", and "fark-a-doodle"? Or do I push the boundaries and use my true, honest and uncensored voice?

Today, now, here on my blog, I will drop the F-Bomb. And I will do it with reckless abandon and, hopefully, inimitable style.

If you don't like it...then simply fuck off.