March 5, 2011

Shopping LIST.

The ZOMBIE Car is on it's last legs. After upgrading the ZOMBIE Fridge to a shiny silver box that looks like a frikkin' space ship, I dunno how we're gonna make this happen.

What's out of reach on your shopping list?



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  2. Furniture. Ours is looking very 1999.

  3. Well, I've just decided to say good-bye to my 13 yr old car - not putting one more cent into it so that's right near the top. But #1 is a new mattress and box spring set to go with the queen size bed I just bought from a friend. The frame is resting against the wall in my room calling to me...."come sleep with me, I know ya wanna".....

  4. Lets see...Items on my 'to-buy' shopping list include:
    Laptop for the Hubs
    New windows for the House..ok, Landlord is taking care of the new windows, but I need new window treatments.
    Frame/bed to put my new king size mattress & box springs in...

  5. if you saw my stolen post yoou would know mine is a home. . .

  6. Sunscreen is top of the list this week. :)
    We really need new windows. One day.

  7. I made the mistake of putting Eli's cheesecake on my last shopping list. So this week I need to put a personal trainer down for my out of reach item. ;)

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