August 29, 2011


One simple smile can make someone's day.

And that's prolly why you're here.

You've got the power! Go forth and share your smiling!

August 28, 2011

Hurricane IRENE.

Hurricane Irene scares the living crap out of me and I'm not even in her path. Turns out she's pissed cuz we've been spelling her name wrong.

Have you encountered the wrath of Irene? Bow down low people, and please stay safe.

Thanks to @TechyDad for inspiration and The Huz for the crown idea. You are awesome.

August 25, 2011

The Tinkle FAIRY!

Meet Kim, inspired blogger at and also known on Twitter as @MentallyInked. I've been following Kim since I first got on Twitter, like two years ago. She always makes me laugh, and she's the kind of friend who won't hesitate to give you a virtual Heimlich if you should choke on something on the internet. It can happen, right? Also if you need to be reminded to drink water, Kim will help you out.

There's a lotta reasons to drink water. I don't know them off by heart but I do know that it keeps me hydrated, keeps the headaches at bay, and keeps the plumbing moving along as it should. We're pretty lucky to have access to clear, clear drinking water, on tap. Not everyone does.

But if you drink a lot of water, there will be will have to go pee. And so Kim has an alter ego: The Tinkle FAIRY.

Dear Kim,
In recognition of the work that you do, I want to thank you by drawing you TWICE. Because:
  1. I love you, even if you've never tried Orangina
  2. You are helping people in need.
  3. You have a cool knickname.
  4. Whenever someone tinkles, they will think of you. And that makes you kind of like a celebrity.
So there you have it folks! If you know about why people should drink H2O, or any tips on not getting caught too far from a toilet, please share here!

August 22, 2011

Drawing A BLANK.

My fingers were itching. I wanted to draw something, but I couldn't think what...

Turns out I was already drawing a blank.

High-5 to @ThatIsSuch for this particular suggestion.

August 19, 2011

BED Sweet BED.

This is the awesome conclusion to the Bed's Too Big series.

Going away is cool and all, but it's definitely great to be home. Just don't mention the word "tiles" yet...

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August 16, 2011


The holiday is almost over and now we must leave Cornwall for London to catch our flight back to Montreal. I'm writing this to you as I sit on the train. A train I almost missed.

Yes, this morning the Huz and I got up early, rallied our three children to finish packing, eat a hearty breakfast, hug their Granny goodbye, and head down to the train station. No one argued and all was well in the world...

...until we got to the train station and I realized I didn't have my purse. A chill ran down my spine and grey shadows stomped around and rubbed their bogeys on my soul.

Folks, I ran. I ran like the wind, I ran like never before, I ran up hill, up the arcade stairs, up alleyways and up cobbled streets. Up, up, up I ran without stopping, past old ladies and prams with babies, my little heart pounding, blood vesseles bursting and lungs straining. I MUST NOT MISS MY TRAIN!!!

I thought of my poor family standing on the platform waiting for me as the train also waited... and then pulled away. What if they left without me? I ran harder.

Got to the house, gave SharkDOG one last hug, grabbed my purse and ran all the way back down to the station.

My family were all waiting for me! The train was still in the station! In fact, we had plenty of time to walk leisurely down the platform and climb aboard.

The lesson here? Nobody's perfect. Also? I'm not in as bad shape as I thought. They said I made it there and back in about 12 minutes.

August 14, 2011

The Bucket of BLOOD!

Possibly the best pub name EVAR is The Bucket of BLOOD in Hayle, Cornwall, UK.

Intrigued as to how it got it's name? I sure was. The story goes that hundreds and hundreds of years ago the site had an Inn on it, catering to miners, sailors, fishermen, smugglers, pirates and the ilk. Yeah, a whole lotta baddass dudes...

Anyways, there was a well which supplied the Inn with water for household use and also to brew the local ale. One morning the unsuspecting Inn Keeper went to the well, pulled up the bucket and was horrified to find it filled with BLOOD!! My Mother In Law said she heard the bucket even had a chopped off head in it. Bleah. They pulled a corpse out of the well, but no one knows who he was. I'll bet the poor Inn Keeper had a bad case of the jitters after that.

So the pub got its name, and it's supposedly haunted to this day; footsteps on creaking floorboards, ghostly figures appearing around the Inn, and so forth. Pretty decent pub food (I had the half chicken and chips) and they make their own bitter! Check out this sign inside the pub:

Gee, I wonder what chuff nuts and dangle berries are...
Know any other interesting pub names?

August 13, 2011


When I was four, my mom bought me a Kangaroo Shirt.

It was called that because it had a pouch to keep your hands warm. If you put the hood up, you were nice and cozy.

It was pale grey and soft, and I loved it.

In the last decade or so, the hoody has become legit baddass street fashion.
It's mainstream.

And if you put the hood up, a measure of anonymity is within reach. You can hide your face and hair colour.

CCTV surveillance cams are easily snubbed...and accountability evaporates.

Nowadays, a person wearing a hoody may cause a ripple of unease and fear, or prejudice against an innocent fashion conscious youth.

The 14 year old daughter took my 11 year old son out shopping for his back-to-school clothes today. They came back with a Kangaroo Shirt. It looks great on him, but I've made him promise to keep the hood down unless his head is cold.

I have worn hoodies for years. What do you think of them?

This is a thoughtful response to Youtube videos of the recent London riots and looting.

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August 11, 2011

EPIC Marty.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, here's the Grand Prize Winner of The Most EPIC Contest Evar - Marty, AKA @pilot2b.

His entry was challenging: "HOW to draw me... on a motorcycle with wings, with scuba gear on, jumping over an 18-wheeler, about to land in water next to a nuclear power plant. Easy enough."

Are we almost ready for another contest...?

August 8, 2011

BOOGIE Boarding is FUN.

I'm in Cornwall UK for a family vacation. There's a healthy surf culture here - I can sorta surf a lil' bit (not really). However I do love boogie boarding; it's easy and fun. So here's a vlog music thingie about it.

But first, a disclaimer: I AM NOT A PHOTOSHOPPED SUPER MODEL. Do not expect pore-less perfection and fountains of youth from me. And try not to look at my bum. Oh, alright, if you really must, go on then.

It was yet another freezing farking day at Godrevy Beach. Like 14°C / 57ºF. Once you're in the water you're fine, provided you're wearing your wetsuit and frolicking non-stop in the surf like a baby seal. The waves weren't particularly huge today but it was still cool. Cold. I love having blue lips.

That's me singing. And I bought the earrings from @tweetgraciemack.

August 6, 2011

The JETLAG Monster.

When I travel against the clock, I suffer so bad. The JETLAG Monster nibbles on my soul and I walk around in a stupor.  I can't focus, and there's some kinda sand in my eyeballs. This is worse than The Sleepies because actual sleep won't help.

Three days pass. Then suddenly the stupor lifts and I think, "Yay! I'm over it...!"


Some say you should fight the urge to crash out, stay awake as long as you can and then sleep at night. But when I tried that, not only did I babble incoherently throughout the entire day, I was still wide awake at 1 AM.

What are your fool proof cures for jetlag?


August 5, 2011


Flew to London, then jumped on the train down to Penzance - a total of 24 hours of travelling. Although happy to be back in the arms of the Huz, I'm majorly jetlagged and it ain't pretty. In fact I'm going to draw the Jetlag Monster just to get even. But first things first. A gal's got to have priorities after all. So here's a rare vlog from me about England's national dish: Fish and Chips.

Anyone who mentions "tiles" or "DIY" before this holiday is up gets a knuckle sandwich rather hard stare.

August 2, 2011

ESCAPE from the BIG Bed.


After 6 weeks of languishing in the big bed all by myself, me and the 14 year old daughter are headed to England to join the Huz and our two other kids.

I can't wait!!!

When I see them, I'm gonna pretend I'm in one of those movies, running in slow motion, arms outstretched and ready for the hug/spin thingie....

Re-united after a long separation; I know 6 weeks is nothing compared to what some people go through. What are your best re-united stories?

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