March 16, 2011


Ahem. When it was My BIRTHDAY, many of you stopped by to wish me Happy Birthday. So if today is your birthday, then I wanna give you a present!

So let your eyes wander over these gifts and think which one you'd like to have* and leave your name, birthday and link as a comment. I guess you could also leave your mom/dad/friend/husband/wife/son/daughter/sister/brother/family-member/girlfriend/boyfriend/boss/colleague/cleaning lady's name and birthday too and then send them here to "look" at their gift. Why not?

*They're drawings, not actual real stuff. You got that right?

And look, if you want to print it out and make a real card, here's the bit that goes inside it.

It's free. You're welcome!

The Bandaids were suggested by @IamPickleWeasel.
The Chinese Cleaver was suggested by @Res_Eve.
"Giraffe in a Box" was suggested by @YouGoMedia.
@renni_e suggested a steering wheel cover that looked like a boob, but I couldn't really see it so I drew a triple-threat alien booby mug instead. 
Blond Mermaid Cat-Woman was suggested by @lifeonprint

You can suggest a gift too. If I like it and if I have time, I'll add it.

This post was inspired by @CollinsBat whose birthday it was on February 12th.