March 16, 2011


Ahem. When it was My BIRTHDAY, many of you stopped by to wish me Happy Birthday. So if today is your birthday, then I wanna give you a present!

So let your eyes wander over these gifts and think which one you'd like to have* and leave your name, birthday and link as a comment. I guess you could also leave your mom/dad/friend/husband/wife/son/daughter/sister/brother/family-member/girlfriend/boyfriend/boss/colleague/cleaning lady's name and birthday too and then send them here to "look" at their gift. Why not?

*They're drawings, not actual real stuff. You got that right?

And look, if you want to print it out and make a real card, here's the bit that goes inside it.

It's free. You're welcome!

The Bandaids were suggested by @IamPickleWeasel.
The Chinese Cleaver was suggested by @Res_Eve.
"Giraffe in a Box" was suggested by @YouGoMedia.
@renni_e suggested a steering wheel cover that looked like a boob, but I couldn't really see it so I drew a triple-threat alien booby mug instead. 
Blond Mermaid Cat-Woman was suggested by @lifeonprint

You can suggest a gift too. If I like it and if I have time, I'll add it.

This post was inspired by @CollinsBat whose birthday it was on February 12th.



  1. :D Awesome! You did my Giraffe in A Box :D Your awesome :)!

    Thank You!

  2. You're welcome James - consider it kinda like your birthday gift. Ha.

  3. Tomorrow is my son's 21st birthday! He's an honorary Irishman! How about a St. Patrick's Day theme birthday greeting!?

    (Love your site! I'm a long-time lurker!)

  4. I think we need to patent Pickle Weasel bands... I'm not old enough for the gross tan ones, but I'm not really into Spongebob or Dora...

  5. These are so very is too hard to pick a favorite one!

    The watering can purse is pretty cool though. And I love the daisy chain. They kind of go together.

  6. OK Long Time Lurker AKA "Anonymous", I just added an Irish themed gift for anyone who is LUCKY enough to have their birthday on St. Patrick's Day.

  7. I was born & raised in Memphis, TN so the Elvis picture is great for me! They all look great and I am very pleased that I served, at least a little bit, as your muse.

  8. Your sea urchin looks like something else Dude...
    I'll pick that one.

  9. You have quite the imagination - an alien huh? I should hope not!

  10. Tough call! If it was my birthday it would be a toss up between the drawing and a bubble bath. But only because you didn't draw any hooch.

  11. Thank you! Thank you! for the St. Patty's t-paper!!

    Just call me... The Lurker!

  12. Priceless! I've got first dibs on the tutu!

  13. oh--i can't decide between the pickle weasel bandaids or the rage-kat mermaid or a cartoon of myself or the alien booby mug -- soo many choices and not enough birthdays.

  14. Could I have a pickle weasel in a kilt?!!!!

  15. My bday was a couple of weeks ago so I won't ask a thing. What I want is to make a suggestion for a present: a 3 boobs (with 3 tits each) teapot.

    Hope it's not too much of a problem :)

  16. could I get a giraffe in a plane or a car? need something more manly... :-)

    @flyddw on twitter.

  17. Awesome! A gold record!

    Carlos Ríos
    April 12
    Puente Alto, Santiago, Chile

  18. My wife's birthday is on St. Patrick's day. I'll have to get that for her next year ;)

  19. THANK YOU!!

    It is my littlest BD today.

  20. I wanted to suscribe to your RSS Feed, but apparently theres an error, blah blah blah.


    Let me tell you, you are the best xD
    Being able to draw like this, in a very simple style is wayyy harder than it looks.
    You are very witty!

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all you guys!! Haha, fun and excellent comments.

    Hey Yako - Whaaaaa? My RSS Feed is misbehaving? DANG. Please try again laters, hopefully Blogger will get it together. And....thank-you so mucho for the kind words. You made my day!

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