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At the beginning of my career, back when dinosaurs ruled the earth, I struggled to plump my resume so it would fill a single page. Nowadays I must ruthlessly slash it down to three. Here's my official bio, where I talk about myself in the third person... (scroll downie, downie, downie for the UNofficial one):

JC Little is The Animated Woman. 

Mom, animator, humorist...award-winning story artist, compelling public speaker and social media minx! Always playful and often poignant, she blogs her eclectic slice-of-life stories with unique drawings and animation here at TheAnimatedWoman.com. She's a happily married mother of three and a director whose 30+ year career in animation has spanned commercials, feature films, TV series, new media, mobile apps and picture-books.

JC is a two-time BlogHer Voice of the Year honoree, and winner of three Canadian Weblog Awards. She's on the Wacom site as a Wacom Ambassador, and delivers highly illustrated keynotes on leadership, visual storytelling and empathy. JC is the creator and director of the Disney-syndicated, Gemini-nominated kids TV series, My Life Me, and has animated over 30 short films, the latest of which is the award-winning Papa Pasquale.

A busy entrepreneur, JC's Montreal based company Little Animation produces eco-educational media for kids. She created the PickleWeasel iPad drawing app and in her latest adventure has published six picture-books since 2013: The LAST Snowman, Motherhood, PickleWeasel Picture Riddles Vol 1, 2 and 3, and ELLO MONKEY: Reanimating Social Media

Stylus in hand, she can be found drawing and engaging with her readers throughout the week on TwitterFacebookGoogle+ and Ello.

Lookit! JC's featured on the WACOM site!

Some interviews... WACOM, Animation Magazine, SheKnows.com, AmusedNow.comGlocul MagYouChew, The [Real] Scratchpad and The Making of Frenching. To view a selection of JC's latest animated short films, visit her YouTube channel.

I am The Animated Woman...normally I wear this purple dress. But sometimes I wear a Super Suit. I have yet to find the right bra to go with it.

Why do I draw all this stuff? I'm going to be drawing one way or another: this seems like a good place to put it. I feel it when I draw it. If you could see me drawing, you'd be like, wow, she really feels it; look at all the weird faces she's making.

So, if I'm a Super Hero...who will be my Sidekick?