March 27, 2011

Stickie Nakedness AGAIN.

Part 3.

WARNING: Possibly more nudity. Maybe.

In the last post, I asked how one can tell if a stick figure is naked or not. I'm just gonna rip the bandaid off this one and go for it. The thing is, if the stick figure looks like this:

...then it's pretty much impossible to say. Why? Because there's no point of reference! There's nothing 'missing'!

Indulge me. If we dress the stick figure in ONLY a pair of pants, look what happens:

He's suddenly topless!

And if we dress him in ONLY a t-shirt...VoilĂ ! Pants Optional!*

*Pants Optional Friday was all the Why is Daddy Crying's idea BTW.

Finally, if we dress our stick figure in NOTHING but stylish footwear, he is naked simply by virtue of the absence of the rest of his clothes.

Anyhow, after that last post there was some, uh, discussion on Twitter about the scale and relative sizes of certain stick men. So just to clear things up, I've done this character line-up. It's worth noting here that objects are actually larger than they appear in the mirror.

There's @jpJeremy, @WhyIsDaddyCryin, @JosephGier and me. I threw Pickle Weasel in for fun cuz @VlasicStork wanted to see him in a bow-tie and it tied in really nicely with the whole Chippendales thing. And @kathym425's suggestion of Uggs was genius for hawtness levels. 

Everyone has awesomely stylish footwear!! Yes, those are goldfish - blame @BetterHalfMommy. And crocs (@suzspetals' idea). With twine (that was me).

And so it goes that the dude has been naked everytime I've drawn him. Except for that one time when he's wearing a Snuggie.... or those Spiderman PJ's...

If you love those shoes, then go to Part 4.