September 22, 2014

The Montreal Formula - Artist Survival

I did some live-cartooning over at the POP Montreal Symposium yesterday: one of my tweeps, @ItsLilpeanut told me this is called a "sketchnote".

The topic was "The Montreal Formula: How to survive as an artist in Montreal". Co-hosted by ELAN Quebec and POP Montreal, Albert Nerenberg (The Laughologist) moderated seamlessly, with Murray Lightburn (solo artist and The Dears frontman), Krista Muir (aka Lederhosen Lucil) and myself.

A step beyond toonswag, my drawing was projected in real-time from my iPad to a screen for the audience to watch during the session. One becomes a conduit for ideas and pictures, some of which end up in the image. When it was over, I felt strangely buoyant.

Just another artist surviving in Montreal.

September 15, 2014

Live-cartooning: The Montreal Formula.

This Sunday, I'm in a panel at the POP Montreal Symposium along with film-maker and Laughologist Albert Nerenberg, Murray Lightburn, solo artist and frontman from The Dears, and composer/musician Krista Muir a composer/musician who moonlights as Lederhosen Lucil. It's called "The Montreal Formula".

What's the secret to a successful artist's career, in any city? 

We're going to explore some of the out-of-the-box things you have to do to survive as an artist in Montreal. And the amusing irony is that I'm going to be doing one of those out-of-the-box things by live-cartooning the discussion as it happens.

Am I nervous? Not really.

Okay, maybe a smidgen. The drawing will unfold on a large screen in front of the audience as I scribble away. It's a little more demanding than my usual toonswag because I have no idea what I will be drawing. What if I space?

Can they tell that I have no idea what I'm doing?

Mostly I'm wondering which tech I should draw on; iPad toonswag-style, iPad Paper 'book' style, or Adobe Flash, where I can really make the pictures come to life. There's something super-engaging and easy about using the iPad in the moment...but the temptation to turn this into an animated video afterwards is welling up in me! With Flash, I can keep my options open.

Either way, I'm deepening my skills, and sharing my creative process live and in person yet again, and that's always fun.

Hope to see you there.

The Montreal Formula is co-hosted by ELAN and POP Montreal
September 21, 1:45 PM
3450 Saint Urbain, Montreal

September 10, 2014


Sometimes, our best friends abandon us. On the surface, it appears to be because of something superficial, but there are always deeper issues lurking below the rocky surface. These cracks in the foundation of a friendship can go unnoticed for years, but eventually, usually when one of the players evolves, the foundation crumbles.

It's painful. 

We can compromise our integrity and beg them not to go; it won't do any good though. After all, they are only doing what they believe is right for them. We must rise above the waves and move on.  It isn't until calm waters return that we realize our friends never abandoned us: they set us free.

September 5, 2014

The double-rainbow bra.

I want a rainbow coloured bra; that way I can say my bra-size is double rainbow.


Hypnotic! This is better than a Jedi wave. What size bra do you want to wear?

August 25, 2014

Growth spurt.

When I was busy blinking, the fourteen-year-old boy grew. Again.

Looks like we're going to have to go shopping for some back-to-school clothes. Should I get two sizes larger than he needs?

August 23, 2014

The Great Ice Bucket Challenge Dilemma.

Everyone's deep in discussion about whether or not viral fundraising is cool or uncool. Well, it's been weeks and no one has nominated me to dump ice-water on my head for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Am I so unpopular? Do I smell funny? Am I...invisible? I sit and watch all the epic Ice Bucketeers getting doused and I feel somewhat left out.

To wait or not to wait...? That's the real dilemma.

Animated ice is c-c-c-c-cold.

I don't have a lot of extra right now, but hey, I'm doing fine without wine, so I can probably live without a few other things. Here's where my money went:
ALS Canada
MS Society Of Canada

If you have something to give, however small, remember that every little bit helps. You never know when you, or someone you love very much will be struck by a debilitating illness such as ALS or MS.


August 21, 2014

"I'm not a racist, but..."

I've noticed in real life, and on the net, that many people, white people, have no idea how to call out racism. I even hear them asking for help on this.

So I drew a little exercise to help folks explore the possibilities of what you might say to someone who is saying racist things.

Is it offensive to call white people 'whities'? There you go.

I invented the above situation. But unfortunately, most white people (and perceived white people like me) have heard something similar said by someone they know.

What do you say to racism?

Note: Racism comes in all colours; I'm addressing white people who freeze in the face of it.