February 17, 2015

More Fun With DIY.

WARNING: F-bombs and bird flippings.

Those who know me know how much I love tiling. It's true! I have tiled lots of stuff in our house - ceramic, vinyl, big and small. Once I even tiled over the floor hatch to the water pipe thingies! That's what happens when The Huz goes away on a trip without me. But sometimes I do manage to glue those tiles where they're supposed to be. I am tiley-wiley.

This was my view the other day:

What is that round circle painted on the floor all about? Who knows?! It was there when we ripped up the old tiles. It makes a fine backdrop for the mess left by the tile-cutter we rented. Can I just say that I loathe the tile-cutting machine with the burning intensity of a thousand suns? That fucker is loud enough to wake the dead in all parallel universes. Also it sprays crap all over the place. Fuck that tile cutter. And fuck this view.

What you see in this next photo is what you get when you buy a 'fixer-upper'.

There was a heater on this wall, but we took it out so I could tile-tile-tile under it. What's behind that bendy bit of wall? Don't look! Fuck that fixer-upper.

Got the whole bathroom floor tiled perfectly and then this little fucker in the corner decided it didn't care about my OCD.

We could have trimmed it to fit, but we'd already brought the tile-cutter back so we could save $75. Fuck you, corner-tile.

Never mind; I'll disguise it with some black grout. I have some left over from the last tiling, uh...incident.

And speaking of grout, this is the sink back-splash, freshly tiled by moi. Just look at that drywall veer!

Nothing is straight or parallel in my universe. Right angles are an expensive fantasy. Fuck these curvy walls, that's what I say.

Oh yeah; because I love challenges so much, here's the World's Ugliest Shower Ever:

It can't be ripped out (or straightened!), so I'll be painting it BLUE and covering it up with the World's Biggest Shower Curtain.

Fuck this fugly shower! Don't even get me started on the toilet.

Story first appeared on Ello.

February 4, 2015

"Motherhood" receives a book award from All Authors Magazine

You guys. Look. My wordless picture-book Motherhood has been honoured with the All Authors Certificate of Excellence.

The AACE comes from the good people over at All Authors Magazine - they advocate for all authors to reach all readers. The Certificate states that I have "encompassed the qualities that All Authors stands for: originality, talent, creativity, and most of all excellence of execution." It looks pretty official.

As an independent author and illustrator moving into the world of self-publishing can be daunting. Those who brave the industry face the task of not only creating and executing the story, but also handling the publishing, including the formatting to multiple platforms and the marketing of the book. Therefor the support and recognition of All Authors Magazine is invaluable. To be recognized for my work is such a gift, especially as there are so many worthy author illustrators self-publishing today. I'm thrilled, honoured and humbled to receive this award for my book.

All Authors Magazine also sent me a gift: this supermug will see me through my next two books, I swear!

But I think the best gift is that I'm now an award winning author. Which feels pretty good.

Motherhood by JC Little, is available in paperback and for Kindle on Amazon.

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January 24, 2015

Ello VS Facebook?

Facebook and Ello are like apples and oranges.
They're different.
I use both, for different reasons.

Do you prefer Facebook, Ello, both or neither?

Some great comments on this here.

January 10, 2015

Time to heal.

I wish I knew how.

January 5, 2015

ELLO MONKEY: Social Media Reanimated

By now you all know about the new book. And yes, it's my fourth book in 13 months. We're a goddamn family now.

After three books they just slide right out.

I'm not a comics artist. I'm not a graphic novelist. What I've been doing here on my blog for the past four years, is creating little illustrated stories, like little picture-books. And now I've drawn on the picture-book format to create my first book on social media exclusively for grownups. Here it is:

ELLO MONKEY: Reanimating Social Media.

It is totally free on Gumroad: choose PDF or MOBI. Just enter "0" in the price box and the credit card window will disappear.

Why Gumroads? I want to give you this book just as if I had posted the story on my blog. Of course, if you really want to support my work, you can always throw a dollar or two my way in the "0+" option. Twist my rubber arm you crazy motherfuckers!

ELLO MONKEY is also on Amazon, set at the lowest price possible. Man, those guys don't make it easy, but they do have visibility. So if you like (or hate) this book, please get your glutes on over to leave a short review and rate this sucker.

For the record, Gumroad was easy to set up and their support on Twitter is stellar. In the future, I'm going to deliver more of my stories as 'picture-books for grownups' and 'picture-books for children' of all ages.

January 2, 2015

New book coming soon: ELLO MONKEY

ELLO MONKEY: Reanimating Social Media.

The book will be launched this Sunday night/Monday. Here's the cover:

This is exciting. We've got permission from the Ello founders to use their logo, and some wonderful people will be providing blurbs.

There is a hitch with Amazon - those fuckers won't distribute a book for free *pouts* ...so I'm setting the book up on Gumroad for a 0+ (free) download of PDF and MOBI. It'll also be on Amazon though (for the lowest price possible) because we want the book to be found in search and theirs has range.

But the main link we're pushing will be the free one. And we're going to push it with a vengeance; honest reviews, ratings and shares on every channel will be most welcome.

I hope you're with me on this. Picture-books for grownups: it's a thing.

December 29, 2014

Daze of darkness and light.

Depression is a funny thing. Which is to say that it's not funny at all. One moment you're fine and then next you're crushed. I call it "losing my ball". When I lose my ball I can wander in darkness for long months and even years. The cloying sadness is pervasive. Clouds hang over every waking moment. 

Push it away, ignore it. It comes creeping back like a gollum, never far.

I feel like I want to die. Which is not quite the same as wanting to kill myself. And at the same time, I have a weird apathy about everything, like even dying is just too much trouble. Fixing myself is too much trouble. Caring is too much trouble.

I laugh at it...but it's badLoneliness closes in on me and yet I shut myself away.

If I try to tell people about it they always want to remind me of all my accomplishments in life. It really pisses me off. They're just trying to help but they don't get it. 

"Come and visit me! We'll have fun."

"Have you tried exercise?"

"Just change your diet!"

"You can decide not to be depressed, you know."

I can't fall asleep and if I do sleep I cannot wake up. When I finally wake up, I hide under the blankets for as long as possible. 

And then one day the darkness lifts. It is literally just like clouds evaporating and sunlight streaming in. I feel fine and strong.

My sun came out a few days ago and I found my ball. I have no idea why or for how long, but I'll take it.