March 8, 2011

PICKLE Weasel.

Convo between @ScreenscapeS and @ on Twitter

ScreenscapeS: Isn't that a funny word? #PIckleWeasle

OMGnakie: It iis rather funny, yes.

ScreenscapeS: Lets ask @LittleAnimation .... What do you see in your head when you read the word "PickleWeasle"?

Me: Are you kidding me? I see a pickle, with four legs ears and whiskers. You want me to draw it for you?

And that's how inspiration works.

PICKLE Weasel can fly!!!

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  1. Oh, he looks Mischievous! I love it! Sneaky, Plotting, Practical Jokester followed by, "Who, ME?"

  2. I love your pickle weasel! Exactly what one would look like I believe!

  3. I would so love you to do red dad blue mom. we are starting a political blog.

  4. hehe i bet hes thinking about what he could get into lmao i love this guy

  5. I can't wait to see what adventures Pickle Weasel gets into!

  6. From the North American wildlife website: Long and slender, weasels can slip in and out of cracks, tunnels and tight jars in their search for food and to escape predators. Their movements in tight spaces are made easier by short legs and fur, small ears, and long, sensitive whiskers. The rare and extremely sensitive pickle weasel is particularly adept at finding fresh deli cuts.

  7. This is entirely too bizarre not to love! Then again, so are your drawings... *laughs* Weirdly lovable, your drawings make me giggle!

  8. OMG - I almost shot cocoa out my nose. ;)


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