July 15, 2010

Enough of Being AFRAID.

What's in the BOX already?!?
Think back to the short film "Why is Daddy Crying?"

You all saw Daddy get his Father's Day gift...

...and you wondered if his wifey was being sneaky...

...if his ninja son was planning another ambush....

...or if his aspiring princess daughter was about to sink her chompers into more than mere plastic toys...

...and you prolly thought OMG the unicorn is in on it?!? Unicorns are meant to be pillars of innocence and purity! What the...?!?

And I bet that after taking a stab at guessing what was in the box, you started to get a little bit nervous for the Daddy. A little AFRAID even. Because it could so easily be YOU.
Am I right? Well, sometimes you just hafta confront your worst fears.

Now the moment you've all been waiting for; the Part II, the epilogue, the sequel, the director's cut....based on the remarkable life and times of Daddy Blogger extraordinaire WhyIsDaddyCrying.com...

Little Animation is proud to present...Enough hype already, play the freakin' film.

With that, I think I just added HORROR to the list of film genres I do :D You know how the dude feels about these things; it might be a fate worse than death.
Good thing it's only a film...so far.

See what WhyisDaddyCrying is saying about "What's in the BOX?"....

And tell me if you own a snuggie, how you got it and what colour it is.



  1. Brilliant! Thanks for the laughs!

  2. Haha! JC, you are incredible! You totally nailed it with EXACTLY what would make @whyisdaddycryin wail like a baby. Bravo! :-)

  3. ohh my seriously loved it
    u are the best @whyisdaddycryin should be afraid lmao snuggies

  4. I LOVE SNUGGIES! And Unicorns... why would anyone cry at getting a snuggie?

  5. I'd like to try guessing what is in the box.

    Is it a subscription to National Geographic and a laser pointer keychain from Dollarama?

  6. I have something special for you at my blog:


  7. @ Robertooooooo - YOU! I know you, you sneaky fcp dude......hahaha!


Cuz You Rocketh.