August 22, 2011

Drawing A BLANK.

My fingers were itching. I wanted to draw something, but I couldn't think what...

Turns out I was already drawing a blank.

High-5 to @ThatIsSuch for this particular suggestion.


  1. I draw that all the time, my special talent!

  2. LOL!:-D
    Me too. I just drew a Fairy-Toad-Queen because I overheard some people talking about a fairy toad and I was out of ideas. I wish I knew who, I would give them credit. Her royal croak is over on my blog if you want to give her a wish or two maybe she can un-stump you. LOL! But more than likely not. :-) Happy drawing!

  3. Even your "blanks" are good :)

  4. How about something incorporating "Houdini's Howlers" in it. Ha ha. I'm in charge of designing Deeds service dog training class t-shirts and I'm NOT CREATIVE. ha ha ha.

  5. Your drawing a blank is better than anything I could draw! LOVE IT!
    The Shewbridges of Central Florida


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