August 14, 2011

The Bucket of BLOOD!

Possibly the best pub name EVAR is The Bucket of BLOOD in Hayle, Cornwall, UK.

Intrigued as to how it got it's name? I sure was. The story goes that hundreds and hundreds of years ago the site had an Inn on it, catering to miners, sailors, fishermen, smugglers, pirates and the ilk. Yeah, a whole lotta baddass dudes...

Anyways, there was a well which supplied the Inn with water for household use and also to brew the local ale. One morning the unsuspecting Inn Keeper went to the well, pulled up the bucket and was horrified to find it filled with BLOOD!! My Mother In Law said she heard the bucket even had a chopped off head in it. Bleah. They pulled a corpse out of the well, but no one knows who he was. I'll bet the poor Inn Keeper had a bad case of the jitters after that.

So the pub got its name, and it's supposedly haunted to this day; footsteps on creaking floorboards, ghostly figures appearing around the Inn, and so forth. Pretty decent pub food (I had the half chicken and chips) and they make their own bitter! Check out this sign inside the pub:

Gee, I wonder what chuff nuts and dangle berries are...
Know any other interesting pub names?


  1. Kim - Let's just say that "all is well with the world".

  2. By Word - Yep, still in Cornwall, leaving tomorrow for London!

  3. Haha! This is great, I loved this story. Cornwall is my favourite place to be. And I hope you enjoy London tomorrow. :) x

  4. Loved this post! Don't think I can top that for a pub name.

  5. Bucket of Blood. My children would LOVE that story. Have fun on your travels.


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