August 8, 2011

BOOGIE Boarding is FUN.

I'm in Cornwall UK for a family vacation. There's a healthy surf culture here - I can sorta surf a lil' bit (not really). However I do love boogie boarding; it's easy and fun. So here's a vlog music thingie about it.

But first, a disclaimer: I AM NOT A PHOTOSHOPPED SUPER MODEL. Do not expect pore-less perfection and fountains of youth from me. And try not to look at my bum. Oh, alright, if you really must, go on then.

It was yet another freezing farking day at Godrevy Beach. Like 14°C / 57ºF. Once you're in the water you're fine, provided you're wearing your wetsuit and frolicking non-stop in the surf like a baby seal. The waves weren't particularly huge today but it was still cool. Cold. I love having blue lips.

That's me singing. And I bought the earrings from @tweetgraciemack.