August 19, 2010


WARNING: There's a nude male surfer in this post.

This one is for The Mom-O-Matic cuz she's a naughty girl really swell. Plus I kinda promised I'd feature a hunky surfer with a Cornwall TAN.

Don't know what "hang eleven" means? Don't be lazy; google it. And then post the answer as a comment, heheheh.... *evil grin*.



  1. nice to know he found some warm water at last or is that a white wetsuit?

  2. LOVE it!! Sounds like the trip has been a blast!

  3. Baby! You are awesome! Love the white tushy on that surfer guy. Mmmm...I Googled Hang 11 and still couldn't get a straight answer. So I'm going to guess that it means his "other" surfboard hangs at 11 even when the water is cold. Impressive, and gives you all sorts of other ideas for board wax.

    You are so awesome!

  4. so of course i had to google hang11 cause well i had to see what it ment and well
    heres 1

    it means music hehe

  5. Hahaha! Fun comments.

    "Hang TEN" means to walk to the nose of the board and stand with all ten toes on the edge (while surfing).

    "Hang ELEVEN" is when a male surfer rides his board in the nuddy pants.

    I'd love to see someone hang ten whilst hanging eleven....that would be cool.

  6. HAHAHAHA I asked my husband this - Ex surf team member in his high school day (yeah - only CA would have a surf team) Anyways he was stumped. But I assumed the meaning of hang 11 - I was right. He informed me he has NEVER "hung" 11 hahaha

  7. "Tweet this" coming from his arse. Then talk of arseholes on Twitter the other night. It's like you've gone English on us. "Would you loike to see me bum?"