August 25, 2011

The Tinkle FAIRY!

Meet Kim, inspired blogger at and also known on Twitter as @MentallyInked. I've been following Kim since I first got on Twitter, like two years ago. She always makes me laugh, and she's the kind of friend who won't hesitate to give you a virtual Heimlich if you should choke on something on the internet. It can happen, right? Also if you need to be reminded to drink water, Kim will help you out.

There's a lotta reasons to drink water. I don't know them off by heart but I do know that it keeps me hydrated, keeps the headaches at bay, and keeps the plumbing moving along as it should. We're pretty lucky to have access to clear, clear drinking water, on tap. Not everyone does.

But if you drink a lot of water, there will be will have to go pee. And so Kim has an alter ego: The Tinkle FAIRY.

Dear Kim,
In recognition of the work that you do, I want to thank you by drawing you TWICE. Because:
  1. I love you, even if you've never tried Orangina
  2. You are helping people in need.
  3. You have a cool knickname.
  4. Whenever someone tinkles, they will think of you. And that makes you kind of like a celebrity.
So there you have it folks! If you know about why people should drink H2O, or any tips on not getting caught too far from a toilet, please share here!


  1. BAHAHAHAA now I i have to tinkle!

  2. Me too! The Tinkle Fairy must be hovering nearby, LOL

  3. *does the pee-pee dance* I think you have subconsciously subconsciously induced the subconscious need to pee in people globally. If you need me I’ll be in the bathroom……… peeing. :-D

  4. What do you mean you've never tried Orangina! Wow... you have to take care of that asap.
    Nice post - water is good. Helps with kidney stones too (I thought to go out there a bit)

  5. The Tinkle Fairy?!!! I love it. Not only are these drawings fantastic & funny, but they instantly make me like Kim, and I don't even know her.

  6. Cool Whip - you just peed ON yourself? Were you sitting on your own lap or what...? I mean that's amazing, and I'm impressed.

  7. Sarah - I did it consciously. Ha.

    John - I know! She needs to try Orangina so we can stop spelling it Oranjyna!! We're havving too much fun doing that and it's starting to make us look like we're adolescents (and not in a good way).

  8. Cara - Kim is lovely. Enduring, down to earth, honest and farking funny. PEE YOUR PANTS FUNNY.

  9. You guys are too funny! & JC is so wonderful for finally drawing me! Well, for other reasons, too...I truly think she she caught the deranged look on the Tinkle Fairy's face perfectly. Um, not that I ever make that face. *cough cough* I love our Orangyna/Oranjyna talk! It makes me giggle & we all need some adolescent silliness in our lives. Love you, JC!

  10. Ok, I have ALL of you beat! I have medullary sponge kidneys, a condition where my kidneys "job" is to MAKE STONES!! Know what that translates to? I have to drink 128 OUNCES of water EVERY that? EVERY DAY! In hot weather, next time anyone complains about having to drink a measly 64 ounces...come here so I can kick you in the butt :)

  11. Here's something related to tinkling. You probably know this, just a little something for the guys and 3year old grandsons.
    "If you tinkle when you sprinkle be a sweetie, wipe the seatie."
    My grandson needs lots of practice, bless his little efforts. Be safe from Hurricane Irene, Dawn

  12. Cat Chat - Holy crow woman, you win hands down. Be careful not to drown!

  13. lol!! I know! It IS disgusting isn't it????

    Believe it or not your body adjusts!

  14. Kim and I were just talking on Twitter how much we love YOU! What a conincidence. You are the one that makes me laugh so hard that I sometimes tinkle in my pants. HaHa
    The Shewbridges of Cetral Florida

  15. Caren (from Cat Chat) - I hope it doesn't hurt. It's actually kind of cool...think of it as making 'precious jewels' rather than making stones. I bet you'd stand out for originality on Etsy ;-D

    Keep drinking those oz's!

  16. THAT'S a PLAN!

    Only hurts when stones pass or are moving...then it is all status quo!

    A kidney stone necklace, genius!

  17. I enjoyed reading your post,lol! You have a very nice blog! I love it!


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