June 8, 2011

Get WELL Soon!

My friend's son (who is the same age as and is friends with my 11 year old son) just got his burst appendix out, so he has a very BIG owie. He's very brave! And I was making him this "get well soon" card when I thought, hey, maybe some of my followers have a friend with a very BIG owie who could use a card like this.

The thing that is awesome about this card is that it has a PICKLE Weasel Bandaid on it! That little rascal; he gets everywhere. I love him!

So if you know someone who needs a "get well soon" card, print this one out and give it to them.* Just let me know in the comments below if it cheered them up. I hope it does.
*No selling though. That would be uncool.

It's totally FREE. You're welcome!

UPDATE: June 13, 2011.
I gave this little boy the card and his face lit up. His mom said he hadn't smiled like that in weeks. Laughter makes the best medicine!

Also: You may notice that a Troll has visited the comments below. And this is how to deal with a Blog TROLL.

You can make someone else smile by sharing.


  1. Hey big guy, get well soon vibes coming at you straight from my entire family all the way from the Gulf of Mexico in the United States!

  2. Give up trying to animate, this is pure rubbish.

  3. Awwww, aNONymous is jealous they can't animate like you lady.

    I LOVE this bandaid!

  4. Anon, please provide a link to your artwork. Would like to see what a "real" animator is.

  5. What the what? "Anonymous" should give up reading because they clearly don't know awesomeness!

  6. Hey anonymous, give up trying to be human, you obviously don't know to.

  7. JC - You know you have hit the big time & are doing something completely totally awesome when you start getting trolls!

    *kicks the troll with her giraffe legs* - like the Billy Goats Gruff, only wayyyyy cooler.

  8. Anonymous = cowardly troll.

    Love the Pickle Weasels!

  9. Oh, and I LURVE the Pickle Weasel! And this would make an AWESOME card for a young man I know who LOVES pickles!

    Hope your friend's son recovers quickly and has a wicked awesome scar to show for his battle soon!

  10. It's awesome!

    Anonymous, you should be annoynymous. Jealous, much? Yeah, show us your link, show us what a "real" animator is.

  11. I guess being "anonymous" gets a person off the hook from having to actually articulate reasons for what is said. If being critical without being constructive means that a person can tear something down without knowing what "good" is, then why bother even posting the comment. More character is shown by conceding that the artist is actually sincere in their efforts and then trying to understand what makes an effective expression or not. If you think something is bad explain it clearly. Try again, this time with thoughtfulness.

  12. Meh don't give Anon another thought, if they had something constructive to say they would.

    On the post it is sweet of you to do that :)

  13. I love this.....and I know just the person to send it to!!

    Thanks sweetness.

  14. This is a WONDERFUL get well card....I hope your son's friend loves it and gets well very very soon!

  15. Very cool! Gonna send it to my friend's son who's having his wisdom teeth out.

    as for anon - you're rubbish!

  16. maybe "anonymous" needs a pickle weasel bandaid to cover the gaping hole in their personality that their lack of awesome created????

  17. A Troll! Congrats!! You hit big time!
    Long live Pickle Weasel and a high five to the little man. Owies will disappear quicker than you think.

  18. I lurve the pickle weasel!! And I hope your friend's son heals up quickly!

    I wonder...would we ever get to know how much we were appreciated if it weren't for anonymous trolls trying to squash us? Check out all this love, JC!! <3

  19. Hey everyone! I guess I got off pretty lightly, not having a troll until now. I just heard you're not meant to feed them, but I must say I'm touched at all who leapt to my defense here. Thank-you, you are all lovely!!

    After nearly 30 years, I know my place in the animation world, and I'm well established within it. So I don't feel threatened by this troll. And I won't give up doing what I do, cuz, well....it's too much fun!!!!

    Hopefully, I'll be visiting my friend's son in hospital today and giving him my card.


  20. What a great idea JC! Loves it. I'll be sure to hang onto this for when our girls (Sonya and me) need it! Cheers :)

  21. Such a BRAVE statement for such a HIDDEN reader...

    It just goes to show...some of us GET IT and some of us SERIOUSLY NEED SOMETHING OF SUBSTANCE TO DO... :(

  22. Yeah!!!! You're not a real blogger without a troll ;) Rock on Pickle Weasel!!

  23. CC'd from previous post:

    Dear Anonymous #1: I'm going to CC this on your previous post, because I truly feel you need to see this and would hate for you to miss it in any way, shape or form. You see, I think you're an admirable sample of distinguished troll-hood. You have just the right amount of contempt in your voice, the perfect amount of personal slur in your insult, the right catch-phrase to poke a hole where it hurts. You've obviously done your homework!

    Because such a carefully researched example of trolling is so very admirable, I feel a bit of constructive criticism is absolutely required. I'd just like to say that you could use a thesaurus to add a little more inflammatory language to your post to get the proper effect. It felt a little juvenile, unlike the cultured tangent of an experienced troll. Examples of others whose work is inferior with which JC could compare herself would also make this a more well-rounded trolling-but I'm sure those things will come in time.

    In the meantime, I'm proud of you for stepping up in such distinguished company to make a name for yourself! You've obviously worked hard to scan the Internet and find the right blog with the perfect amount of readers to ensure you'll be noticed without getting lost in the crowd. JC's readers are dedicated and willing to defend her work, making it the perfect opportunity to stir the pot. Not many trolls have the time in their day-to-day life to do that kind of research, so buried beneath the obligations of being a responsible family member and employee that they'll stop by and insult any blog that comes along. You're going to do great things, Anonymous Troll. Great, Great things.

  24. The comment tells me they are british or a reasonable facsimile true humor experts not saying some brits can't be funny.

  25. Too cute! Do the pickle weasel bandaids actually exist? I'd buy them!

  26. That is a great card and I know of lots of little boys that would love to get it along with a couple of big girls (raising hand and jumping up and down over here) who would also.
    I think pickle weasel is totally adorable and hope to see more of him in the future!
    Lorie of The Shewbridges of Central Florida
    (Blogger is giving me a hard time and wont let me sign on to comment on some blogs, it's truly a PITA. I can't wait until they fix it!)


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