June 8, 2011

Get WELL Soon!

My friend's son (who is the same age as and is friends with my 11 year old son) just got his burst appendix out, so he has a very BIG owie. He's very brave! And I was making him this "get well soon" card when I thought, hey, maybe some of my followers have a friend with a very BIG owie who could use a card like this.

The thing that is awesome about this card is that it has a PICKLE Weasel Bandaid on it! That little rascal; he gets everywhere. I love him!

So if you know someone who needs a "get well soon" card, print this one out and give it to them.* Just let me know in the comments below if it cheered them up. I hope it does.
*No selling though. That would be uncool.

It's totally FREE. You're welcome!

UPDATE: June 13, 2011.
I gave this little boy the card and his face lit up. His mom said he hadn't smiled like that in weeks. Laughter makes the best medicine!

Also: You may notice that a Troll has visited the comments below. And this is how to deal with a Blog TROLL.

You can make someone else smile by sharing.