August 13, 2011


When I was four, my mom bought me a Kangaroo Shirt.

It was called that because it had a pouch to keep your hands warm. If you put the hood up, you were nice and cozy.

It was pale grey and soft, and I loved it.

In the last decade or so, the hoody has become legit baddass street fashion.
It's mainstream.

And if you put the hood up, a measure of anonymity is within reach. You can hide your face and hair colour.

CCTV surveillance cams are easily snubbed...and accountability evaporates.

Nowadays, a person wearing a hoody may cause a ripple of unease and fear, or prejudice against an innocent fashion conscious youth.

The 14 year old daughter took my 11 year old son out shopping for his back-to-school clothes today. They came back with a Kangaroo Shirt. It looks great on him, but I've made him promise to keep the hood down unless his head is cold.

I have worn hoodies for years. What do you think of them?

This is a thoughtful response to Youtube videos of the recent London riots and looting.

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  1. I prefer a zip-up fleece jacket. That way I never have to worry about my stretch marks on my belly showing when I go to take it off. Oh...the joys of motherhood.

  2. Leslie - I have one too! I wear it on top of my hoody =]

  3. I don't like the whole pull on/pull off of goodies (I'm kinda lazy and they always mess up my hair), so like Leslie, I usually prefer a cozy fleece zip-up jacket. I have a few sweater-shirt type hoodies that are meant to be left on, though, and I like those.

  4. That was supposed to say "hoodies." Darned auto-correct.

  5. I love hoodies--especially since for my kids. They lose hats all the time, but they can't lose a hood!

  6. First off 'little you' is just drawn so cute!
    Anyway - My 14yo LOVES hoodies! I can't tell you how many she has. She told me that she wants everyone to buy her hoodies this year for Christmas. And if they plan to spend $100 on her than $100 worth of hoodies. lol I love them too. Last year (when I was massive with baby) only one of mine fit... so sad. :-) Really sad because I only own LG and X-LG. But this year WOOT! I will be in hoodies, although even when it rains I never where the hood??? My 14yo does and if I let her she would were a hoody in 112 degree weather with shorts on! :-)

  7. There's a house at the end of our street, no real idea who lives there, how modern is that, but, I was walking past one day and happened to glance over the fence and into their kitchen. There was a (I'm guessing) teenager sitting at the table.... wearing a hoody. My first thought was what a wanker I'm with you on the instruction to your child only put up the hood when you're cold
    We live in Australia, in a part that doesn't ever get what I would class as really cold. only 1 night in 11 years have we closed our bedroom windows because of the temperature, yet we now often see people slopping around in track suit pants and a hooded top. If it snowed here ever, I'd say wear the hoody... it doesn't.... PS, while they are about it, turn the bloody hat around... look like a dickhead having it twisted back at a 45 degree angle ;)
    I must be getting old lol

  8. Stephen - thanks for this comment. That's definitely part of what I'm alluding to (albeit very gently). It's cultivating a threatening look within society, and disintegrating the fibres of accountability. There are even some shops here (in London and in England where I'm on holiday) that have signs that say "enter the shop with your hoodie down, or leave".

  9. I LURVE the point I have been known to extendedly borrow friends' hoodies and never remember to return them when I see them/visit them. (Not intentionally borrow without returning, it's just the way it seems to happen.) I've been looking forward to hoodie weather!

    As far as the negative connotations go with it it...You get enough people to commit crimes in a white t-shirt and suddenly violence is associated with the while t-shirt. Kinda along the lines of why a men's white thin tank is called a wife beater.

  10. Stephi - that's true... but a white t-shirt doesn't hide your face.

  11. I love both the zippered sweatshirts w/hoods that either zip, or not!

  12. I LOVE hoodies but am of the opinion that the hood should be left down when inside.

  13. I had a kangaroo shirt when I was little. I wore it a lot when I fractured my elbow...held my casted arm quite comfortably!
    Hoodies + curly hair = :( It comes off and hair goes POOF!

  14. Fantastic. Totally agree.
    I love my hoodies but the use of them for dodgy purposes makes me sad ;(


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