August 2, 2011

ESCAPE from the BIG Bed.


After 6 weeks of languishing in the big bed all by myself, me and the 14 year old daughter are headed to England to join the Huz and our two other kids.

I can't wait!!!

When I see them, I'm gonna pretend I'm in one of those movies, running in slow motion, arms outstretched and ready for the hug/spin thingie....

Re-united after a long separation; I know 6 weeks is nothing compared to what some people go through. What are your best re-united stories?

Please share this moment.


  1. a bed full of sand

  2. It is totally amazing how you manage to capture these beautiful feelings through your art. There is nothing more exciting then heading off to an airport to take a flight to see someone you love who you have been separated from! Enjoy your flight and thank you for letting us share on your journeys.

  3. JC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great trip! Keep in touch! #YourBestFriendFromPhilly

  4. One year, I went on a Halloween trip to my friend's wedding. (It was the Italian-Wiccan wedding of my best friend on Halloween. How could I miss that?!!)

    When I came back, the boys, my wife and her parents all met me at security. Well, my wife and her parents met me there.

    The boys saw me coming and ran right past the lady whose job it was to keep people from going in via the exit area. Luckily, it wasn't that far and we all weren't carted off for breaching airport security.

  5. I was separated from my hubs and kids while my dad was fighting cancer for just over 4 weeks....again, nothing compared to what a lot of people have to endure, but for us it was excruciatingly painful. When I finally got home, we surprised the kids and I will never forget the moment they answered the door when I rang the doorbell and the looks of surprise and shock on their faces. It was a priceless moment that I will remember forever! Those hugs seemed to last forever. They were FABULOUS!

  6. I *LOVE* the hug/ spin thingie!!! Did it get to be in a field with tall grass and yellow flowers? :-D I’m so glad that you’re finally getting to go! YAY!!! :-D I hope that they didn’t run from your open arms like my 14 yo would do.
    There are two that I can think of. The first one might not count though, but is my BEST, in my opinion.
    1. When I *finally* got to hold and bring home my two month preemie daughter from the hospital. They thought she was only one month preemie until she was born. BUT, after what felt like forever, I got to hug her, then bring her home, and now she’s almost 15! :-) I did however get to see her while she was in NICU but my arms were empty and when I wasn’t at the hospital with her everyone kept asking where she was. I’d have to rehash why she wasn’t home yet.
    2. The other was just last Sunday! I got to see my BFF from 7th grade! It was a great lunch and the kids were all well behaved. My hubby had to stay home with the baby but it was ok. I was so happy to see my friend I didn’t have separation anxiety. It was nice to see that over the years she and I can just still talk and have fun like BFFs from our youth! :-)
    Enjoy your hugs! :-D

  7. Mila - Thank-you for your kind words!

    Josepf - #mybestfriendfromPhilly!!!

  8. TechyDad - that is so cute. The boys couldn't help it, they just wanted to be in your arms!

  9. Jennheffer - I love that ...Forever Hugs. And I hope your Dad is doing ok!

  10. Sarah - both beautiful and moving stories and the first one totally counts!


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