June 1, 2011


Animals love my Mother in Law...you know that Disney princess who's singing in the woods and all the animals flock around her? The birds land on her finger and the deer nuzzle her lovingly? Well, that's my MIL. She's devoted her life to helping animals.

Over the years she's taken in many animals that would not have made it without her TLC. One of these is SHARK Dog. It's not his real name; I call him that cuz, well, see for yourself.

SHARK Dog was a racing greyhound. He had been badly treated and had a lot of damage by the time my MIL took him on. But she nurtured him and he's a very loving and rewarding dog for her. There's a lot of management around special dogs like this, and not everyone should take it on.

Cookies are not safe around SHARK Dog!

He was lucky to have my MIL But many animals are not so lucky - and most of them are gentle and loving and don't require special management like SHARK Dog. Even I have an adopted dog!

If you're thinking of getting a pet, consider the adoption option. And keep your cookies in a tin.

UPDATE - January 26 2012
Sharkdog passed away last week. He had been so well looked after by my MIL who loved him dearly. He will be missed.

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