June 25, 2011

The Most EPIC Contest Evar.

In celebration of my (hopefully) imminent 10,000 followers on Twitter, my ONE YEAR blogging thing, and my sudden overwhelming desire to draw myself as The Queen, I'm having another contest.

I've done contests before but this one's a little different. First off, some unsuspecting person will be my 10,000th follower and that person will get a t-shirt with The Queen on it. Who knows? I may even do another Twitter Stiptease.

For my AWESOME loyal following, I humbly offer to draw YOU*.
*If I've already drawn you, I guess I could draw your pet or your kid instead.

Third Prize: . Your face will be put on a t-shirt and sent to you. You'll wear it so much that eventually it'll be all faded and limp, but you'll refuse to throw it away because it's a drawing of you. Well, it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, right?

Second Prize: Your face will be put on a high quality Zazzle mug and sent to you to drink coffee or tea from for all eternity. You'll have your 'mug' on a mug.

First Prize: You get the T-shirt AND the mug. YAY!

You may only enter ONCE:
  1. Comment here saying how I should draw YOU. Don't tell me WHY, just tell me HOW you'd like to be depicted. Think carefully about this.
  2. Answer this skill testing question: How many of YOU have I drawn on this blog? I know. Math is hard.
  3. Lastly, hit the Tweet button below, and HUG someone on Twitter, copying @littleanimation. You should also say that this contest is fun so other people can find out about it. Oh yeah - you'd do that anyways...! Riiiiight.
How will I know you've done all three? I have my ways. Check out my Queenly gaze.
The three winners will be the ones that inspire me the most. Contest closes Thursday June 30th 2011 at midnight EST.

By entering this contest, you agree to allow me to draw you and to blog the drawing of you. I own the artwork but you can use it as your avatar if you want!

Find out who won.

Share the fun.


  1. Yay! Contest! WOohoo!

    OK... how should you draw me... probably at my computer. I am such a geek. :)

    How many of ME have you drawn on this blog? None that I know of. There was a PickleWeasel... no relation.

    *fingers crossed*

  2. Or, you know, maybe braiding the hair of the dolls my 4 year old got for her birthday that have 15" of hair... I never realized I was OCD about this before... OMG

  3. you should draw me as YOU see me. Always have wanted to see that.
    If you count Annisa twice, and you should since she's double-awesome, you've drawn at least 20 other peoples.

  4. HOW to draw me... on a motorcycle with wings, with scuba gear on, jumping over an 18-wheeler, about to land in water next to a nuclear power plant. Easy enough.

    You've drawn none of ME.

  5. Well, you have already drawn me and made be stupid happy about it, so I am not going to enter so others can join. Good luck to all and have fun.
    The Dadgineer

    PS is that the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch in your dress?

  6. Draw Me on stage with tux and Microphone roasting my self

  7. I have not seen me anywhere here. Where am I? Lost? In the dryer abyss with the mismatched socks? I am missing from www.theanimatedwoman.com.(Cue the trauma music.)
    I used to be a pretzel, now I'm more pretzel with a lifesaver around the middle. (Or maybe I'm a Cheezie?) I've got a cape and a sword and a battleaxe badge for warrior mom duties and I wear my heart on the outside. Always. I'm a serial hugger.
    I'm also a happy dancer, but I might have on my hockey rollerblades and be about to do a face plant...cuz I'm not paying attention to what I'm doing. Too busy wishing you'd draw me. : )

  8. Well... I'd say you'd have to draw me on skates since I'm a roller girl, more than likely chasing after my 3 kids, who also do roller derby! (we're a FAST family!)

    You have never drawn me, but we've chatted about it on twitter! (Us roller girls are interesting and get into all kinds of trouble that's fun to draw!)

    I'm about to go retweet your contest tweet! Whoo hoo!!

  9. Ha! I wondered the same thing Steve. I think the Queen is packin'... but she says no.

  10. Hmmm. You should draw me holding a vodka valium mocha in one hand, my iPhone in another hand and my minivan keys in my third hand. What third hand you ask? The one I wish I had since having all these kids.

    And I don't see any of "me" drawn on this site....YET!

  11. Just a little over a year ago we got our Greyhound, Lucy. I'd love to have you draw me walking her.

    So far, there are no drawings of me (or Lucy) by you. :)

  12. I think it would be pretty awesomesauce to be drawn by you as a tall, mommy, student, hair/makeup stylist, Dixon's Vixen who's iPhone 4 is always in her hand. Knowing you, you'd work in my all essential brown-that-matches-everthing cowboy boots, my love of color, and my need for a big bag that holds everything for a fashion obsessed mommy who functions solely because of coffee, and always has her calendar and her zombie survival plan ready to go.
    To the best of my knowledge, you have drawn 18 YOUs. And I've always wanted to be one of them!

  13. You could draw me in peices then put me back together. Not enough of me to go around and not around enough of me. :) You have never drawn me although I do have one of your header thingies I won for my blog.

    you rock and i really am sucking up to you big time! xoxoxo

  14. Contest! Yay!

    You should draw me - Since I'm in Malaysia, you could include interesting Malaysian elements: jungle, beach, the Twin Towers, the possibilities are endless!!

    I think you've drawn 16 YOUS.

    Off to tweet this!

  15. You should draw me cooking! With a pile of laundry near by, a baby on one hip, a toddler on the other, and my 6 y/o playing Transformers under my feet.. and if you feel like making it R-rated, you can leave one of the sides of my nursing bra unclipped - I always forget and leave one of the girls free.

    I think you've drawn 17 or 18s of Uses. Of yous. YouseGuise. WHatev.

  16. 1. You can draw me happily herding hamsters.
    2. You've never drawn me. But I cannot find how many YOUs you've drawn...I will go with Summer aka MILF_Squared's # of 18 YOUs.
    3. Alas I do not tweet.

  17. I'd love to have you draw me surrounded by my craft stuff...maybe towering piles of fabric and quilts and cross stitching and crochet things.

    I know you've never drawn me but, as far as I know, you've drawn 18 (maybe 19 with Annisa) YOUs. I may have lost count somewhere in there but I think I'm right.

  18. I don't exist without my 3 dogs, 2 cats, & 1 crazy toddler. The husband fits in there somewhere (when the Navy allows it lol). I'm most likely barefoot & in a long skirt, with a glass of wine in one hand & my iPhone in the other. The kid is either running around crazy or in one of my many slings, wraps, or baby carriers.

    I was trying to count the YOUs you've drawn and I think I got to 20 before I got confused (remember that wine?). Some were renditions is the same YOU which us more than I can handle right now.

    Gotta hit The Twitter now.

  19. I was just drawn by A Beer for the Shower, and I loved his rendition! I talk about mormons and Idaho a lot, so he drew me in a missionary outfit, going door to door, preaching about "The Book of Idaho!"

    His was done in MS Paint. I'd love to see your version of that idea... It would be my favoritest thing EVAR!

  20. 1 ~ I've already been drawn by you, so ummm...you really don't have to do that again...I know how annoying giraffe legs really can be. But I'll throw a peg in for @IamIRONDADDY cause he's like @WhyIsDaddyCryin, but umm from Alabama (that's the best I've got; outside of being married to me and all that sort of jazz). @IamIRONDADDY thinks he being in a kilt doing a rain dance would be spectacular. I think instead of a rain dance though that it should be a bucket of hot water, since that's where he finds himself, often. And he should have his clone (except she's 3 & cute, with blue eyes, instead of brown & has bouncing blonde curls) riding on his shoulders, cause that's just how they roll. With a skeptical looking 8 year old boy in the background not sure if he should join in or just roll his eyes and pretend not to be part of the party.

    2 ~ There are 23 different folks featured in the IdrawYOU series...add in the folks from the tweet race and you're up to 34, but 4 of those are already featured in IdrawYOU, and not terribly sure goat dog counts, so that you back down to 29. Add in Baby Palin & Daddy Trump and you're back up to 31 (cause they're on Twitter & all that too, ya know). ((Calculations could be off by one or two, I'm working on the fly here))

  21. i have already been drawn as has aaron but i would love to have austin drawn with a huge football head lol or better yet a cheese head cause thats what he wants to be when he grows up but seriously you rock and i think you have drawn 10 maybe 11 of us total

  22. *and of course if my math I did count goat dog, because he's someone too.

  23. This is strange but I love it already.....you should draw a plus-size woman with big boobs and big hair sitting on a big front porch in Texas with a big Mason jar full of sweet tea dreaming about my homestate of Kentucky. That would be me.

    Of course, if I'm not on the porch, I'm most likely sitting next to a dusty roping pen watching my Husband do what he loves to do: team rope. We have two horses. They're spoiled rotten. But not as spoiled as me. No, of course not.

    Love this!!!!!!

  24. You can draw me texting on blackberry while stomping on IPhone lmao :)

    Math part: 0

    This is hellava fun

    Love, @eeyorehrl

  25. How should I be drawn? Well, really. I have 7 monsters.. I should be drawn with them, of course. They are the cute and cuddly variety. There is Notorious #5 and the twinnie monsterlettes, and... yeah.

    You have never drawn me. You'd have noticed. My butt would have taken all the ink from your printer, tablet, etc.

    tweeted, hugged, and all that jazz.

  26. You should draw me drinking and sitting at my computer. Because that's what I do. A lot. Yeah. I know. Sad. Don't judge me.

    You've drawn me once. Because I won a contest, actually. YAY ME!!

    Off to tweet and hug!!!!

  27. How to draw me... Well, lately I'm sporting a do-rag splattered with paint and sanded bits. But normally I'm just a country gal with a city style surrounded by an organized mess with some sort of electronic devise (ereader, iPhone etc.) in hand. Specifics, I have big brown eyes, still haven't grown out of my chubby baby cheeks and one dimple, and a little fluffy around the edges. :p

    I see 23 in your I draw you section but I didt see Deeds so I'm saying 24...

    Off to Tweet and send out hugz!

  28. Oops, you have drawn zero of me... Lol

  29. You should draw me as an Alaskan who enjoys the cold. Because I so don't and that makes me a bad Alaskan. (And I really don't want to disgrace my state; I prefer to leave that to people with the Palin last name.) I resent my dog for 9 months of the year because I have to walk her in the evil cold and my poor son doesn't understand why mommy won't take him out to play everyday in the awesomely fun snow. Please, draw me as a better person! A person who enjoys the snowy cold.

  30. I would love for you to draw me using every colour in your palette- a drawing so colourful it looks like the animation is going to burst off of the tshirt. Why? Because I live in a very grey country, and I miss the sun, so surround myself with colour. You have drawn 18 YOU's, thanks to everyone else for counting so I didnt have to. @CVLundy

  31. You should draw me with a chocolate smeared face surrounded by two (not one but two!) hott guys! Preferably naked. Or not. But they must be hott.

    You've never drawn me. Even after me asking or threatening to steal your wine glass.

    Off to virtually hug someone now...

  32. Ok, I should be one of Ellie's naked hot guys OR Brandie's pool boy in servitude. If that breaks some kind of ganging-up rule, I'll take Lady Gaga as a consolation prize, since according to some #usguys I'm influential about her. Him. Whatever.

    YOU is a confusing word. JC has drawn me a total of ZERO times. JC has drawn 20 other people.

    JC rocks.

  33. In camo - probably just the eyes (since camo is supposed to make me stealthy and all...HA!)

    You have drawn me... zero times. (I know I got THIS right! :D)

    Loved the queen thing, BTW. Very nice.

  34. Hmm, you should draw me with different colored hair. (I did that once but now its all gone so you know, preserve the memory of the wildest thing I ever did) trying to manage cooking (while sweating profusely), cleaning (mop, duster,vacuum in hand-s?), three cats, working on my laptop (with a coffee mug in one, a hundred tabs open in the browser and at least five different people on chat along with #usguys in tweetdeck)and of course, one very hot dude (from my dreams). Sigh. I think that's a tall order. :D

    I think you've drawn 19 YOU's or maybe 20. :p Im not sure, I lost count. I couldn't help cliecking on the other links to read again. Heehee!

    Off to tweet this. :)

  35. WOW! Are you guys tryna kill me or what? It's a veritable storm of inspiration. Heh, keep 'em coming!

  36. How to draw me. :-D hehehe Ok first off the eye to my world is through the computer so since I see you there as Mrs. Queeny( HI *tries to wave*) you see me… right? Well what you are looking at is a frazzled mom… who, behind tilted, smudged glasses, has one eye a flutter of nervous twitches and the other wide eyed in fear and rage. This mom (me, the one that once went by ‘Sarah’) is banging her (my) head on the wall next to her (me) where a sign reads ‘when all else fails bang head here’ with a brick background to it. That is if you can see past the 9 month old girl that is sitting on my lap vigorously pounding away on my keyboard. I had made it as far as your site before this redhead, with eyes near the same color, whose 1 1/2 inch hair looks like it had been styled with a balloon, won the battle. I had let her win for fear of her shattering, or gnawing toothlessly on, the glass desk top. Over my right shoulder (not the side with the wall) you see two girls, one 14 with long straight blond hair that goes to her knees and blue eyes, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans and one 11 with brown curly locks that are just past her rear, she has golden eyes and wearing a pink dress, they are quarreling over the last soda! Never mind that I divided them up and labeled them to avoid this. They are arguing because this soda had been moved and lost the label. Why they had this fight travel to the office is beyond me. At their feet is one of the three dogs (beagle) chewing up… something? I’m sure it was once more than a thing but now it is just… some-thing. My husband, who is not in the background, is in the kitchen asking me the worst, most horrific question in the universe, “What’s for dinner?” I cringe whenever I hear this. So there you have how to draw this poor battered mother, with messy brown hair, yesterday’s clean shirt, and a massive headache.
    You’ve never drawn me before so if my math is right… um… 9, no 0 times, yeah… 0.
    Sarah Winters
    Now off to Tweet!

  37. I would like myself drawn at a lake...on a jet ski...holding either a margarita or a strawberry dacquiri.

    I think you have drawn 23 "yous" and zero "mes"...I'm not sure which answer you want because this is a tricky question. But I like that in a question.

    I shall now follow and tweet and hug and all the rest.

  38. Hiiiii! It's me again, @writewrds. See???? Since I've only got 10 fingers (I think? Maybe 11?..)and I'm math impaired since birth (yay me!!)it took me a loooong wee while... like the whole 26 hours in a day... to count all the YOUs. Besides the Queen YOU you and the back seaters and Lady Juicy Fruit, I count... 1, 2,3...um.. OK.. start over..1 2 buckle my shoe... 1 mean 1247 uh.. Where was I.. 17?
    Where am I? I Know! This is the land of theanimatedwoman, where magic happens and numbers grow... and not-enough fingers don't always matter, but the YOUS are youniversally awesome.

  39. Yay!! Contest! I think I'd like to be drawn sitting all hippie style, my feather earring, and my fun bohemian/hippie shirt!

    I've never been drawn, but I know you've drawn several other Tweeters!

    And away I tweet!

  40. OMG this is perfect! I have so wanted to be drawn!!! I would like to be drawn as a Multitasker, of course, and skinny. Not toooo skinny, but a little skinnier... If I can't be skinny in real life then my drawing sure can be!!
    Also, with the colours purple and green, cause they're my favorite, and with my iphone, cause I don't go anywhere without it!

  41. I forgot to add my skill testing question answer...
    I think you have drawn 18 of us (YOU'S)
    And they are fabulous!!

  42. Ooooh this is fabulous!

    Me! Me! Draw me!

    Advising a million parents in a line with crying babies and unruly toddlers while multi-tasking (tweeting on my mac/on my phone/cooking/running littlies art club/oh and looking after my own two under two!)

    How ace would that be? Hope I win!

    Or you could just draw me tweeting my birth. Whatever. A drawing of me to keep forever would rock.

  43. Oh and by my birth- I meant my sons... Although tweeting as I was born in 75' would be rather an interesting drawing!

  44. Oh, and I'm counting 23-24 of #UsGuys drawn so far. Hoping I make #25??

    As for the tweet, heeeeeere it comes!

    (sorrries for not including this in the original comment. was driving in Salt Lake City and trying to type... not good...)

  45. I would love to be drawn... hhmmm... let's see... oh! Got it! Dancing backwards in high heels holding my 18 month old little boy with my 13 year old in the lead!!!

    I have been drawn zero times! (And the math really got my brain smoking!)

  46. Draw a picture of me hugging your dog

  47. Hmmm...you could draw me on my "throne" playing on twitter. Wait, no. Me pretending to cook? No. Me with a ginormous bottle of water (can't forget my awesome glasses)!! Perfect! You, my love, have drawn me 1 million-1 million times! You wanna try to make me do math, I'll throw it back at you! ;)I will now go tweet & hug & stuff!*smoooooch*

  48. Please, for the love of all that is good and holy, draw me wielding torch (metalsmith). Dark circles under my eyes optional. Brown spot on my blue eye not optional.

  49. My son told me today his hair is yellow like mine. But mine according to him is black on top and yellow on the bottom. I guess he is trying to tell me I should go and have it done more often.
    So if you are looking for a happy go lucky kinda girl with bad roots, DRAW ME.

  50. Contest?! WooHoo...what fun. Like Reader's Digest sweepstakes but way better. :)

    I think you should draw in such a way as to reflect: I used to be a soldier and when I get all extra, over the top bossy my girls say "Mom, you've got your combat boots on again" + now I'm a hearing manager so I wear a suit and lots of jewelry and I colour my hair (those last 2 were a big no-no when I was a soldier) + I'm a Mom and I like to run...think you could represent all those things in one little caricature?

    See what I did there? I made it a challenge to try and egg you on. LOL :)

    I don't think you've ever drawn before that I'm aware of. However, I use "OMG" a whole lot every day so when you did WTF v OMG I very much related to the OMG charcter...not sure if that counts though

  51. How: A 5'3" mom with a 20+ lb giant baby on her lap breastfeeding (nak) while bouncing on a giant orange yoga ball sitting at her desk tweeting about cloth diapers. Add a 2.5 year old wiping snot on her arm (which so just literally happened while I was typing this and he was asking for chocolate milk-not gonna happen). That is my reality. PS- I was your 5,000th follower. :)

    How many of YOU? I suppose this is a trick question. You have never drawn ME.... but yeah... no clue how many YOU are in your archinves. Too much Sh*t going on to count.

  52. Let's see, it would have to have my signature red hair (wink), and how about me sitting indian style on the floor. I will be wearing my jeans and chuck taylors as always, and a purple straight jacket w/ lime green accents. Why don't we ad a little skull and crossbones since they are my favorite....then, there will be my kids, one on each side. They will be beating me over the head with their favorite toys (The big that would be a monster truck, and the little would be her stuffed snoopy).

  53. You've never drawn me so here's a new challenge - Australian bush, kangaroos - well I am that gal who writes the blog about kangaroos! Maybe me in a kangaroo's pouch as it's time they looked after me! Great fun and thanks - off to tweet.

  54. 1) you should draw me with my computer in my lap and a needle in my hand, maybe a cup of coffee near to hand!

    2) you have never drawn me, we only "met" recently, but I'm so glad we did!

  55. 1) oooh you should draw me cause I'm a hunk! lol kidding aside (and cause a T-shirt and/or mug with my face wouldn't hurt). Pitching in to the contest!!
    2) for some odd reason you've never drawn me (not yet anyways

  56. hey there, just discovvered ya!!
    You should draw me on a playground, or a swing, cause it kinda makes sense since i'm half of njplaygrounds team. or you can draw me with my 3 kids, 6yboy, 4yboy, 2ygirl or all the above!!! or u can just draw me completely drunk, or again all the above...

    you have never drawn me before.
    also there are more of us playground/outdoorsy bloggers (ocplayparks balmeras) around and I do hope you will draw one of us!!

  57. Cute -- LOVE this idea! I picture me with laptop in hand & reading glasses on, standing in a mud puddle with grass stains on both knees. Naturally, a squirrel would be on my shoulder, and a #playoutdoors Tweet bubble coming out of my head.

    I've never had the pleasure of being drawn (nor have any of the #playoutdoors mafia, that I know of...)

    :-) Bethe @Balmeras, The Grass Stain Guru

  58. Me? I'm a mom with a camera. So...I have a camera, pigtails, a snazzy tank-top, jeans, and high heels (because I can't wear them anymore...ever...so that would be really cool) and I am accessorized with a girl in pigtails on each leg. And really cool earrings. And I'm herding cats. Because being a mom is kind of like herding cats. Also? My girls think they're cats. Oh, and don't forget the frizzy curly hair and freckles. On me, not my cats. That would be weird. Although my older daughter has freckles, so maybe... Can you put a really big glass of red wine in one hand? 'Cause I'm really needing one right now. Or a mocha. I wither away to useless mommy-ness without caffeine.

    Have I mentioned that I ramble? Just a bit? Okay, I'll stop. I need a hug...

    I *think* you've drawn about 18 YOU's. Maybe 19. I don't count The Donald or Baby Palin, because, well, they're just not human.

  59. You are incredible!

    Ok, so we would want you to draw us fighting of course!

    Mike and Luci

  60. PS: I had better have a professional grade camera. None of this point and shoot business.
    And a smile on my weary face. :)

  61. 1. I think you would do an excellent rendition of me riding a narwhal while eating bacon as I'm playing Battleship with a platypus. Oh, and I'm consulting a globe since I'm losing...I am a geography teacher after all, not a strategist.

    2. Trick question. I think I'll have to consult with a Sicilian since death is on the line.

    3. And now to open a new tab for Twitter! I love Chrome!

  62. 1. Since my kids' idea of mom is "cleaning lady", I think you should draw me all dressed (make-up, heels) with no place to go but holding a swiffer broom cleaning in 1 hand, and my coffee on the other, and iPhone attached to my hip...surrounded by 2 dirty kids. That is my day in a nutshell.

    2. You have never drawn me since I just discovered you on twitter! Please draw me! (that's my pahtetic plea) :)

  63. 1) I am not sure if I want a solo picture of me (and so many to choose from) or a specific image of myself and XanderSon in mind.

    2) I think the number is 16 Or 18. Dang, I forgot how many I counted so I will go with 18.

    3) I toss hugs around like they are candy! Fine I will make sure you know. .. somehow. :P

  64. Okay, you Animated Woman, you.

    I'm late to the party, but I'm trying again.

    First of all congratulations on your almost 10,000th comment. Hopefully you have hit that by now. I am being brave by trying to enter your contest again. Note to self. Hit COPY before SUMBIT.

    Here I go.

    I was deeply conflicted in college. Go art. Or go English. I went English, but I still paint and do lots of artsy fartsy stuff. Alas, it turned out that I am a writer first. That said, I had this idea that -- because you are the Queen -- you might enjoy drawing a lowly twit.

    My blog is called "Lessons From Teachers and Twits," which is perfect because some days, I am the teacher -- but most days, I am the Chief-Twit-in-Residence.

    And I get paid in notebook paper.

    It ain't glamorous.

    Still, I thought it would be uber-cool to have an image of me (looking exceptionally gorgeous in a Van Halen "Hot For Teacher" kind of way) with a whole line-up of students kinda facing the blackboard (or greenboard) with their backs to the "class." They would be my twits. This, I believe, would look freaking great on a tee shirt or on a mug or as a gravatar button/badge. If I could ever figure out how to make one of those.

    Now, as I mentioned on Twitter, last week I counted. And I was confused. I mean, some people you did twice. And I didn't know if animals counted. And I didn't know what to do with The Donald. So I'm just going with 30. I know that is wrong. I simply cannot go back and count again. I'm just being honest. But I think I should get 1/2 bonus point for trying this again.

    What was #3. Oh yeah! Tweet this to the world. Will do. But at this point, this teacher is coming in pretty close to the wire with her submission. And how lame is that? I really am a twit!

    Fingers crossed.

    Hitting COPY. Then SUMBIT.




  65. Also, I hope that made you laugh. Because I am positively giddy that it worked.

    Also you have never drawn any ME's before. But I have to admit, I just read other people's comments and I stole that line. Seriously, I went back and counted all your drawings the other night. I am so not a math girl.

  66. You can draw me as a massage therapist extradonare, university student, crazy busy fun mom to 2 cute wild things (and soon to be service dog) and dead sexy wife to @JeremyMauss. That will all fit on my mug right?

    Ok if not, I'm totally happy to be sitting on a bench overlooking the golden gate bridge reading a book and munching on sourdough bread. MMMM...


  67. OH and you have never drawn ME personally. ;-) But you have done my awesome little Deeds.

  68. You should draw me as a beautiful disaster. A woman who wishes she was a dancer who had never heard of cancer. A crazy momma with so much love in her broken heart that it oozes all over the place. I'm a mess. But I am not a pretty girl, that's not who I claim to be
    And I do not think you have ever drawn me, since I'm new here. But I welcome you to start drawing now!

  69. Jamie Parker quotes Ani DiFranco's "i am not a pretty girl."

    I know because I lived with her in Buffalo.

  70. 1. You should draw me as my twitter avi that I use the most, wet hair, duct tape over mouth, and totally bewildered (the duct tape is there so my foot won't fit, by the way)
    2. You've never drawn me on your blog.

  71. 1. You should draw me as a girl surfing a galaxy ... a sparkling, mini galaxy. Because once I saw one while I was absently folding laundry.

    2. You have never drawn me. This is only the second blog I've ever commented on. Ever.

    3. Hug is on the way.

  72. Thanks EVERYONE! The contest is now closed to entries. The winners will be announced Sunday night, July 3rd, at 9 PM, Montreal time.

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Cuz You Rocketh.