October 3, 2010

ToothFAIRY Tells ALL!

This post is child friendly.

The ToothFAIRY (AKA @toothfairycyber on Twitter) agreed to let me interview her. There's no photos, because she must preserve her magical anonymity. However, she did allow me draw her, so yay!

JC: Hey ToothFAIRY! Thanks for coming today. Do you like the chairs I "arranged" for you? I wanted you to feel comfortable. There are NO holes in these chairs, I guarantee it.
Let's start with a skill testing question: How old were you when you were born?

ToothFAIRY: I don't exactly remember.  Is this a trick question? 

JC:  Um....maybe?

ToothFAIRY: It's not nice to fool or trick the ToothFAIRY!  I would have to say ZERO?  Is that right or left, up or down or just plain wrong?? 

JC: Whoa Fairy! I'm supposed ask the questions in the interview.

ToothFAIRY: I've noticed I'm not as wise since I had my wisdom teeth extracted!

JC: Yeah? So even the Tooth Fairy visits the dentist! Cool.

ToothFAIRY: Of course! It's important to brush and floss and visit the Dentist regularly.  

JC:  Brush. Floss. Regular Dentist Visits. Gotcha. What's your main mission in life?
ToothFAIRY: My mission in life is for everyone to really believe in me!  Keeping imagination and fairy tales alive while creating sweet memories.  

JC:  I LOVE THAT! I mean, I know it's you that's been taking the teeth and leaving coins and stuff all this time, so why don't you tell me a bit about why you do that?

ToothFAIRY: The first lost tooth is a major milestone, it deserves to be celebrated don't you think?  And once you give a reward for the first one, it's too hard to forget about all the rest!

JC: What happens if someone wakes up just as you're taking their teeth?

ToothFAIRY: A sprinkle of my special * Tooth fairy-dust* usually puts them back to sleep!

And I have to act quickly because my ~magic~ disappears if  I am "seen".

JC: That explains why no one has ever seen you, I get it. Do you take grownup teeth as well as baby teeth?

ToothFAIRY: No, I don't want grownups to think it's ok to lose them nor exchange their permanent teeth for ca$h! Lotsa poor folks might be running around with toothless grins if that were the case.

JC:  Good point. How many teeth have you collected?

ToothFAIRY: I'm sure it is near a googleplex which is as high a number as I can count unless someone decides to COIN a phrase for a yet a larger number!

JC: That's a lotta teeth! So if you had the choice between a healthy clean tooth or a yucky rotten tooth, which would you choose?
ToothFAIRY: Silly question, a healthy clean tooth with no cavities would definitely be my first choice. But I understand not everyone has perfect teeth, so I am FAIR -y.

So would you take both? 

ToothFAIRY: Yes I do accept and take both.  No teeth are rejected. I even accept  I.O.U. notes since sometimes loose teeth really do get LOST... never to be found.  Swallowed milktooth is not uncommon! Or maybe the parents send them off to preserve for stem cells.

JC: Hey! That happened to my eldest daughter - her first tooth fell out and we never found it. So we wrote a note for you, do you remember?
OK, let's say you take both, which one would you leave more money for?

ToothFAIRY: The tooth without decay or fillings might earn a sweeter reward! 

JC: Hear that kids? Healthy teeth are valuable! 

And do you ever leave any other gifts in exchange for teeth?

ToothFAIRY: Yes, sometimes I leave a wee gift.  But when children find $20 or more then they can be sure that did not come from me!

JC: This question is from my kids - "Why is it that sometimes you don't come around on the first time my tooth has been placed under my pillow?"
ToothFAIRY: It's not that I have forgotten, it's usually  due to stormy weather which delays my night flights!  Tornados and twisters make me fairy dizzy.  I also depend on my GPS now for more specific directions and flight plans but occasionally there is a "glitch"!  Believe me, _ _ IT happens!

I'm feeling fairy tired now after all these questions.  May I please be excused?

JC: Wait! Don't go yet!! One more question! Where did you get your...

ToothFAIRY: Good-bye, gotta ~FLY~

JC: ...wings? Hello...? Hmmmm. I think she just gave me the "brush off".

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