June 21, 2011

One Year BLOG-iversary

One year ago today I became The Animated Woman! I've always been animated but, you know what I mean, I started the BLOG. My first post was more of a test run, so it's the second post that counts really...it was animated! And FUNNY.

After one year at the bottom of the Blogger Abyss, I've done many drawings and made a lot of you laugh...

...and even moved a few of you to tears.

I've drawn many of you!

I've helped some people, and hopefully made their lives a little better.

Twitter has played a big part in inspiring me.

When things were bad my fans and friends have been here.

Some of you have helped me find my way in the Abyss and I'm so grateful for that.

Cuz it's dark down here!

And there are now so many of you who come and visit me...

...and leave me nice little comments that I can drool over in quiet moments.

And rain or shine, I'll be drawing. I don't know how long I'll be blogging, but let's try to make the most of it.

I love you all!

So...what's your favorite post?

I would be grateful if you would nominate me for this Forbes Top 100 thingie. If you think I deserve it. Thank-you to those who have already done so. I'm deeply honoured and touched. But not in a dirty way.

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