June 20, 2011

Class of '11 - High School MUSIC Video.

Tomorrow our daughter graduates from high school.

My 17 year old played me a song these three friends of hers had done on their iPhone with Ladida. I was immediately struck by the words "we'll be kids forever"... I'm like, this is loaded with school spirit! It's like ...an anthem. I simply had to animate the music video.

The guys came round and re-recorded the song at our place. The Huz laid down the backing tracks and produced the music. He's played with a few talented peeps like Seal, and Fatboy Slim so he knows his stuff. The original song was rebuilt with some groove.

The daughter photographed and organized and critiqued every step of the way. She's already an awesome slave driver producer. And I have to thank the guys, Buddha, Zac and Joey, for allowing me to back their amazing song with animation.

Best wishes to all the Graduates of 2011!!



  1. That's awesome! Congrats to all - parents & students alike!

    My big aspiration now is to dance half as well as the skinny dudes in the video!

  2. The more I see the more I'm a fan

  3. Stephi - it's called a "slide" in animation. Slide IN screen left, slide OUT screen right. You can't even see their feet move!!!!


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