June 14, 2011

How To Make TV.

Sometimes you just get an idea, you know? This is the story of how I was inspired...and a TV series was born.
It took two years to make the show. At the end of the production I was asked to give a speech to the animation team. I like to illustrate my presentations with funny drawings cuz it's more fun for everyone. Afterwards I turned it into this little film.

It takes a lot to make something like this happen. Sharing and collaborating and team-building; my best friends tell me it takes leadership. Whew. About time I owned that. And about time I shared it on this here blog.

More about My Life ME, the TV series here and here. Oh and there's also MyLifeME.com.

Oh gee, uh...what pretty share buttons...!


  1. u rock u know that

  2. I love hearing your voice! You are so funny. I really love this. Your imagination and talent is blowing me away.

  3. NO THANK YOU... James S.

  4. Spectacular, I'm glad they could do it while on their heads. :-)

  5. Wow, you sure are strong! I have to say, I love that your grey is in the same place as MY ever-growing grey! Glad you had fun and success! :)


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