June 20, 2011

YOU. @dadgineer.

Do you know the Steve Cole the @dadgineer? He did something really nice for me last week - he put me on Wikipedia. He just volunteered and he did it. So I decided to send him a t-shirt with his face on it.


But there's a little more to the story...you see his fabulous wife, @theblondeview, had already contacted me secretly to ask if I'd draw her husband. Isn't that sweet?

If you are an engineer chances are the inside of your head looks like this: 

I like these two people a lot, they've got a sweet family vibe and are fun and helpful. @theblondeview wore the Autism April Twibbon on her Twitter avatar for a whole month. FUN!

So there you go, a little kindness got passed around and everyone is smiling. I love Twitter for this kind of thing!



  1. Weeeeeeeee!!!!! Hey it's me! I always what the grinding noises were in my head!!!

    Thank you, I am honored to be drawn by you!

  2. Steve - haha! I figured you might be hearing something like that. Brains like yours are always ticking away.

  3. That is very awesome of all of you.
    You're right - I love twitter for that too! x

  4. Thats Awesome draw me next and hide the bald spot


Cuz You Rocketh.