June 18, 2011

Happy FATHERS Day!

Video originally posted at WhyIsDaddyCrying.com.

Have you ever seen a grown man cry?

This is a perfect Fathers Day gift. So if you know a dad, send it to him and say "Happy Fathers Day!". Also give him a hug whilst murmuring "there, there. It'll be all right."

But don't show him the sequel....

...unless there's a box of tissues handy and you've gift-wrapped a whole bottle of Crown Royal.

In this particular case, it's perfectly acceptable to laugh out loud at the misfortunes of others!

Before I had this blog, I met this one dude on Twitter called @WhyIsDaddyCryin. He's a daddy blogger and his writing is pee-your-pants-hilarious. It actually inspired this little film which in turn gave me the idea to start The Animated Woman. So you can just totally go and blame it all on him.

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  1. my Daughter informs me that pink is for girls... and that I should get her one.. NOW!!!

  2. I like pink. just when I'm shopping no one lets me buy it =/ I ALMOST got a pink shirt with Snoopy on it. still looking for it. I did get a pinkish shirt from the local festival this year :)

  3. Joe - so....what are you gonna do?

    Raving Rendal - Awesome. I LOVE pink. I loathe Snuggies.

  4. That is hilarious!

    I know it makes me a complete dork...but I secretly covet a pink snuggie.

  5. My son said that the cry baby is crazy. Lol

    We loved it!

  6. Tracie - Oh well. We still love you.

    Deana - Hilarious! Your son is very intuitive =]

  7. This was fabulous. And my 23-year-old son wears pink all the time. It looks good on him.

  8. these were some of your first animations for me. I loved them then I love them now. Everyday I adore you more and more. yeah yeah, that's what true talent is all about your like animated crack I am totally addicted to ya babe.

  9. Aww Peach .... *choke* "animated crack" is the best compliment.

    Hey wait....you mean crack like the drug, right? Not the other kind of crack...right?

  10. Handflapper - the right shade of pink can make anyone look radiant. That's what I say! Bring on the pink! But leave the Snuggies at Walmart.

  11. i absolutely never...NEVER get tired of watching your amazing work!!! especially when it has my kids in it!!

  12. Dude, your kids are awesome. I especially admire your daughter, the way she can digest cute plastic toys without batting an eyelash. She takes after her mom!


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