June 18, 2011

Happy FATHERS Day!

Video originally posted at WhyIsDaddyCrying.com.

Have you ever seen a grown man cry?

This is a perfect Fathers Day gift. So if you know a dad, send it to him and say "Happy Fathers Day!". Also give him a hug whilst murmuring "there, there. It'll be all right."

But don't show him the sequel....

...unless there's a box of tissues handy and you've gift-wrapped a whole bottle of Crown Royal.

In this particular case, it's perfectly acceptable to laugh out loud at the misfortunes of others!

Before I had this blog, I met this one dude on Twitter called @WhyIsDaddyCryin. He's a daddy blogger and his writing is pee-your-pants-hilarious. It actually inspired this little film which in turn gave me the idea to start The Animated Woman. So you can just totally go and blame it all on him.

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