April 19, 2011

My First TatTOON.

This is a story of mommy-love.

It all started back in September with this contest. The winner was Angela AKA @mommyamc and her prize was to be featured in my cartoon along with the LumberJACK. If you watch the animation, you'll hear the LumberJACK song (well, a version of it, anyway). Angela's five year old son Aaron could not get enough of the song and prolly drove his mom nuts singing it.

Aaron became my Number 1 Fan. Meaning I had to draw him as a LumberJACK! Wearing LumberJACK pyjamas to be precise.

Angela said her son loved the drawing and that it looked just like him. She decided she wanted to get the Aaron drawing done as a tattoo. She's as lovely a person as you're ever likely to find on twitter and she respectfully asked my permission first. To which I replied, "Really? WOW. Cool!"

The tat was done by her cousin Brian who does them for fun and family.

Aaron's elder brother Austin took pics of the entire event and now that it's healed a bit, his aunt took this fantastic photo.

I teared up when I saw it. Yep....mommy-love.

Apparently Aaron is super proud to be drawn on his mom's shoulder; he tells everyone about it and Angela's getting lots of compliments on this TatTOON.

What's the funnest tattoo you've ever seen? I do have one myself, but you will never guess where, so don't even try.

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