April 12, 2011

YOU. @LearnGrow.

What's that smell...?

Oh it's @JosephGier AKA Joseph Gier. He's got a head of garlic, no wonder!! And look - it's sprouting...!

He's still wearing his Man Stripper boots from the last time I drew him

This is prolly very silly but I do not care a whit.  Also it was his idea. Goes to show you what hanging around in the #Usguys Twitter stream will do to you.

Vampires beware!

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  1. hahhaaa! Love it!

  2. Oy now that's spicy!

  3. Well it may be smelly but we all know that a little bit of garlic sure is delicious! Hrmmm, does that translate the same to Joe??? :)

  4. "I shall grind you and put you on my bread!"

    Kind of makes me sound like an evil witch, but it seems appropriate with this picture.

  5. thats right Im ripe and im spicy and Im here; get used to it.


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