September 8, 2010


It's time for a contest.

First let me introduce you to Earl Woodman, A.K.A. @EarlJW. By day, he's just a regular guy. But by night....he's a Stealth LumberJACK.

Here's a picture of him "logging off" which he says he does at least once a day.

If you wanna know what the real @EarlJW is like, just go follow him on Twitter. If you're feeling especially daring, check out his blog.

Now for the contest:
You simply have to leave a comment here, suggesting what you want to see the LumberJACK do. I'll use a random number generator (AKA my ten year old son) to draw the winner. And then I'll draw* the LumberJACK doing that thing (whatever it is).
Animation's fun right? It's kinda like having super powers!

What's the prize, I hear you thinking.....the winner gets a signed original drawing of themselves posed with the LumberJACK. Contest ends Monday night, Sept. 13th, prize awarded the following Wednesday.

*draw or animate, depending on how much free time I have.

OK folks! Finish this sentence "Dear JC, please make the LumberJACK ...."

Wanna see who won?